To obtain the most out of your self storage unit you need to organise it efficiently so that it works for the intended purpose that you need it for. The intended purpose of why you need storage will also determine the size of unit you need. So what needs to be taken into consideration is whether you will need frequent access to your stored goods or whether you are putting your goods into storage for the long term, and you will not need access to them again for even a year or two. Either of these reasons will also determine how you pack your storage unit.

Reasons for Hiring a Self Storage Unit Where You Do Not Need Regular Access

  • If you are packing up your belongings to take a sabbatical for twelve months or you are taking up an employment opportunity abroad. You may not wish to get rid of your possessions as you know how pricey it is to replace them when you return, and you need to find a safe place to keep them.
  • You have decided to pack up your goods as you are taking time off to travel, and you have decided to give up your apartment or rent your house out while you are away. You need to find a safe place to keep your belongings while you away. Depending on the size of the home you are packing up, you may require a large self storage unit. In any of these scenarios, it is very difficult to find a safe storage place for your goods. Not many of our family members have enough space even for their own goods, let alone an entire additional household of furniture. It is not always advisable to rent out your house fully furnished to strangers as some of your belongings are sure to get damaged even if it is just from the normal wear and tear of tenants living in your space. You will never relax while on your assignment abroad if you are constantly worrying whether your belongings are safe or not.
  • If you are a student you will be required to leave your dorm room empty during the long summer break. It makes sense to hire a self storage unit near your place  of study to keep your stuff instead of packing it up and taking it back home.

If you do not need access to your goods frequently you will want to hire a unit sized right to store the number of belongings you have. You will not need to move boxes around to access anything, so you can maximise every inch of space and pack it up to the roof. As you are aware, self storage is priced per square foot, so any space you do not use is wasted space. It makes sense therefore to fill the gaps. So plan carefully how to pack your unit so that no space goes to waste.

Some Reasons for Using Self Storage Where You Will Need Regular Access

Here are some of the reasons for hiring a self storage unit when you need regular access. You will need to set it up differently to make access easier.

  • If you are moving home you may find yourself falling over boxes as you try and pack up whilst attempting to sell your house at the same time. Hiring a self storage unit for the short term can be a life saver in this situation. By packing up your belongings that are not in everyday use or that are seasonal and placing them in your self storage unit will free up space at home. You will be able to keep your home tidy for those buyers’ visits, and also be able to stage your home in order to show it off at its best. Staging your home, according to professional estate agents, is a sure way of getting a prospective buyer to pay top price for your home.
  • When planning a home renovation or redecoration, it is worth considering hiring a self storage unit for the duration of the work in order to store your most loved furniture items and any other belongings that you wish to keep safely out of the way. This will ensure that nothing is damaged, but if you need any of these items in a hurry, you can easily fetch them.
  • You may have run out of space at home to store clothing or other belongings. Placing these items in a self storage unit will take pressure off your lack of storage capacity at home. Consider storing seasonal items such as winter or summer clothing, camping equipment and sporting equipment that you only need for a few months of the year, and Christmas decorations. You can keep all of these safely out of the way until you need them again. The beauty of self storage is that you can add to what you store or fetch anything at any time, so it is a flexible, convenient way of solving any storage problem.

When you need your items to be accessible to you, leave enough space between boxes or leave aisles so that you can move around easily in your unit without knocking boxes over, or having to unpack stuff out into the open while you try and find something. Pack in clear containers so you can quickly see where everything is. Labelling your boxes clearly will also save you time if you need to look for any items. Pack boxes from each area of your house together.

Stop & Store Fareham

The reasons to choose us to look after your belongings are many, but one of the most important considerations by our clients is that our security is excellent. We have a security system in place that will ensure your goods are safe whether you keep them with us for a few weeks or much longer.

We have units sized from 12sq ft to 200sq ft, so you are sure to find exactly the right sized one for your needs, no matter what the reasons are for you requiring storage.

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