Moving abroad is life-changing and isn’t something to take lightly. With so many dynamics to take into consideration, there is only one certainty. If you are going to want to keep some of your possessions, then the only place to do so is in self storage when moving abroad.

Now that we have that idea out there, let’s look at all the difficult things that are involved. Making the decision is the first, and this isn’t given because there are sure to be other members of the family that are not as enthusiastic about the thought of leaving home.

So maybe it’s a good idea to involve everyone from day one. It starts with researching where you’d all feel comfortable living in the future. This isn’t as easy as it seems unless you have family elsewhere or have a place in mind that you have all been to.

As with many things in life, this decision centers around money. Even before doing anything concrete, once you have decided where you want to move abroad, find out about that country’s entry requirements. From here on the costs of such a move can be calculated.

If you plan to keep your possessions and take them with you, then shipping costs of taking them across to the new country will have to be included. If you plan to sell, donate, or store them where you are, add in the storage costs.

Fortunately, in the bigger scheme of things, storage costs are small. At Stop & Store Penrith our self storage unit rental comes at a very affordable monthly rental. As this will be a long-term rental there may be some incentives to store for lengthy periods.

Getting Prepared for a Move Abroad

As mentioned, having enough money to move and tide you over while you get organized abroad requires your attention. So having savings built up in advance is advised. Armed with all the costs involved you can calculate your cash flow going forward.

If you are fortunate enough to have family members that can provide some accommodation, even temporarily, that would be a big step up to your plans. Meanwhile, the job market must be investigated, and work secured.

Also, if there are school-going children education needs to be included in the equation.  A search for suitable schools must be done, and this could affect the city you choose to move to.

Deciding What to Take Abroad

For many, it will be hard leaving possessions behind, but in the end, it may be a financial decision, weighing up the costs of moving them abroad versus disposing of or storing them back home.

It is advisable to check customs regulations and policies in the new country so that all the requirements and costs are understood. This will help decision-making when it comes to deciding what to do next.

It is also important to remember that the items that you can take on the plane out will probably be restricted to:

  • The family’s clothing.
  • Limited small electronic equipment
  • Personal medication, cosmetics, and toiletries
  • Important Documents
  • Other small personal items that you need with you.

Once these have been put aside, they will leave a whole house or apartment of possessions.

Preparing to Go Abroad: Dealing with Household Effects

It is an advantage to have value in everything in the house, not only if you are planning to put items up for sale, but also should you want to reconsider taking them abroad.

Appliances that are older and don’t have smart technology probably wouldn’t realise a good resale price and would probably not be suited to taking with you overseas. Mark these observations when making an inventory of everything in the home.

From the inventory list identify the four categories as follows:

  • Goods to pack and take with you- and the estimated cost of doing so
  • Goods that are going to be put up for sale- and what prices are expected to be realized.
  • Those items that you feel can be donated to a charity or a recycling center.
  • Goods that you need to keep and want to put into storage.

Sale items will need to be advertised, and as such they need photographs taken of them.

Making the Big Decisions

When it comes to selling the house or apartment, the car, and all the household contents it surely is a life-changing event. It will take years to recoup these if you are not well organised abroad.

Again, financial projections will help you decide what to do. One word of advice is that, while cars should be sold as there is no more use for them, a house can be looked at differently. It can be rented out. As you will be far away and not be in a position to fix the occasional leaks and other maintenance, get a property manager to do this for you.

On the other hand, if you need the money to buy a property overseas, then the sale would be the best solution as it will be the biggest asset you have and realize a big slice of your money.

Selling your household effects can be done through the media or the traditional way via garage sales or a pawn shop. Whichever you choose detailed photographs help a lot.

A Reputable Self Storage Facility Nearby When Moving Abroad

If you are considering going abroad, whether moving for goods or just for an extended period, then the safest place to keep household goods is at a self storage facility. As with Stop & Store Penrith, there is a choice of self storage unit rental sizes available. The size of the load you wish to store can help determine which size unit should be chosen. If unsure, then contact us and one of our helpful staff members will gladly assist. This is important because even though it is cheap storage in Cumbria, it still means that you shouldn’t pay more than necessary.

We understand that safety is everyone’s concern, which is why we make sure that we have state-of-the-art security measures in place. Stop & Store Penrith has secured gated access, always strictly controlled. The renter or someone designated by them is the only one with keys to the self storage unit.

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