Understandably, as a young parent, raising children responsibly is always a challenge. As kids are more likely to be influenced by their peers and their surrounds in their formative age, parents would want them to be in a safe and secure environment.

Not only is good school important, but also the out-of-school activities should be socially acceptable and ideally involve good, healthy outdoor activities. While the attraction of higher salaries draws young professionals to the city, the overheads are higher, and the areas could be less conducive for bringing up children the ideal way.

With the move to remote working, many young parents sought to explore moving to those places where there is less traffic congestion, more of the outdoors, and places which they believed that are more suited to the lifestyle for bringing up the kids without the distractions of the city.

At Stop & Store Penrith we observed the trend too. Being in the business of self storage, we observed how the number of newcomers increased as rent a storage unit is being used during the process of moving to the area. As a town with a lot of history, Penrith is very conveniently located on the Eastern side of the Lake District.

There are many good reasons to consider country living whether its for social or health benefits, and certainly, the Lakes area is one of the more attractive options. When looking at the area, whether for short term or long term, finding and renting a storage in Penrith area is guaranteed for those who would like to keep their possessions in safekeeping while they explore the area.

A Great Environment to Bring Up Kids

When looking at the ideal environment for bringing up children, the mixture of indoor and outdoor activities available is often a good barometer. It also helps to have a town full of character and interesting people. Penrith is just this kind of place. The fact that is a half way stop in the Cumbria going North to the Scottish border while being on the edge of the National Park is an added advantage.

Added to this is the wide variety of things to see and do. This includes a range of different shopping experiences and interesting buildings and houses which can be seen down the cobbled lanes in the town.

Getting Out and About

The great thing about the way of life in the countryside is that there is less traffic and life is far more relaxed. Getting about on foot or on a bicycle is what many locals and visitors can do in Cumbria.

This is good exercise and an excellent way to mobilise the children too.  With such a long history Penrith has many places to see, new and old. Shopping of course is the new, and there are many interesting shops to be seen to keep one busy for days.

These include the well known retail names and many smaller independent shops that have something for everyone.

Besides all these shops, there is a cinema and theatre for the family to enjoy and the town is an ideal springboard for exploration of the whole area. Its position allows travel in all directions,

It’s proximity to the beauty of the natural environment that the area is so well known for makes it easy to explore the Lake District for the day. The second largest lake, Ullswater is only 6 miles away.

Here the outdoor activities can begin on the water, with boating being in easy reach, making Penrith an ideal base for the Lake District. Imagine daily hikes in the Eden Valley and the Lake District National Park, something that one doesn’t find every day so close to town?

You may be eyeing this area for a future move. The good news is that there are moves for expansion and land is becoming available for development in the near future, which will turn Penrith into a city of the future. It will still retain its uniqueness and space will always be there for nature. The sanctity of the Lakes area is assured.

And of course, with the outdoors, a lot of this is for free.

Going Indoor: What is There to do?

Weather may prevent outdoor activities but be assured there is plenty to do indoors. Indoor mini golf, climbing walls, and a whole host of cultural activities beckon.

At home the children’s bedroom and play rooms are places where they enjoy their own space to play with their toys and go into their own imagined worlds. The problem often is that there isn’t enough space for everything, and soon the house is overflowing with skateboards, bikes and a host of other paraphernalia.

This is where it pays to be organized and disciplined. Large items used seasonally can simply be stored offsite when not in use. No point in clogging up another room doing so: this impinges on somebody else’s space which is not really fair.

Indoor stimulation is essential on rainy days and at times when conditions are not suitable for playing outdoors. Once in storage you can leave the goods in the safe hands of Stop & Store Penrith.

Making Sure Your Storage Needs are Covered in Penrith

The last thing you need to worry about is where to keep all excess items needed for a good life in the Lake District. Whether it is where to keep, bicycles, leisure kit or storage for less used things at home, renting a storage is the answer to your needs.

Our self storage facility is so conveniently situated on the A66 close to the town of Penrith and is an ideal spot to offload the worry of what to do with all your stuff, and where to keep it safely.

Even if you have short term needs, or in the case of them being long term, book a unit at Stop & Store Penrith. Just go online and make the booking and your access will be given once the paperwork and first month’s payment has been made.

When you decide to go ahead with self storage in Cumbria, give us a call on 01768 800291 or find us on https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/penrith-storage/