As tourism re-establishes itself and our travel patterns get back to normal, you may be looking at ways to make some extra cash out of the visitors to your area. And if you live in an excellent tourism area like Cumbria, making this your side business could be a particularly good bet. Cheap Storage

The fact that every year Cumbria gets over 11.5 million visitors is the first sign. This speaks volumes about the Lakes area as one of the UK’s most favoured places to go for relaxation, bonding with nature and fun recreational activities.

There are a variety of ways to get a slice of some of the tourism spend those visitors bring and depending on where you want to position yourself in the tourism market will determine how much you’ll have to spend to establish your business.

One of the easiest ways to enter the market is in the accommodation arena and using an existing asset such as your house to do so is a clever idea. The oft asked question is how does one convert your own residence to an Airbnb?

Making space and clearing up your house in preparation of converting to an accommodation establishment is often the first hurdle.

This is where Stop & Store Penrith becomes a natural choice for the provision of cheap storage in the form of self storage units. These are ideal for the safe storage in Penrith of all the items that you would like to get out of the way to clear space for rental accommodation.

Converting to an Accommodation Establishment

Before you start, it’s best to do some research to establish the number of beds offered in the region, what kinds of options visitors prefer, and the price ranges that exist.

It may be that your home fits a particular category, such as self catering or the pet-friendly niche. Either way, have some idea right from the start about who you are up against, and what visitors are looking for when they come to the Lakes area.

Once you have established that there is a need, and your location is suitable for those looking to enjoy the North Lakes, it’s up to you how to market your place. Invest in a good album of photographs that can be used to show off your new B&B.

An appetizing description, giving details of where you are and the benefits of staying with you will help entice visitors to come your way. Remember every enquiry is gold, so it’s a great idea to make sure your responses are immediate and the first impressions, especially the check-in, are superb.

It’s the fine touches that make the difference: invest in them. This could be the flowers in the room, the chocolate on the pillow, the bottles of shampoo in the shower. All of these make an impression, and you would want favourable reviews from the start.

Most of all, make sure your home is inviting and free of any of your own personal effects. No family pictures, free of clutter, and suitable for rental accommodation.

Get all your excess together and store it. Cheap storage in Cumbria makes the decision to use a self storage unit an easy one to do.

How to Promote Tourism to Your Area

Let’s not forget that the Lakes area is competing with many other tourist attractions in the UK and beyond. Knowing the kind of visitor to target is important first up as it helps tailor your offerings more accurately when marketing your accommodation establishment.

In this way you can provide best for your visitors. For example, you may have to cater for families, more than singles or businesspeople. As they are coming for an outdoor experience, they’d want to know what to expect and what’s on in the area when they arrive. Space will be needed for the small ones, and they are likely to come with their accessories such as bikes, and hiking gear. They may even want to bring their dogs, so, pet friendly may be an option to consider.

Your website can be embellished with videos of the area and updated with blogs to improve internet rankings. As you are working in the broader community of the area, network, and keep up to date with what is happening. In this way you will stay current and will be able to provide valuable information to your clientele.

The Benefits of Tourism to the Area

The Lake District National Park is the country’s top tourism destination. The revenues that are brought into the area are significant, now approaching £3.0bn per year. As visitor numbers continue to grow, so will the need for accommodation grow. The Lakes area, of which Penrith is a focal point, is well positioned to benefit from tourism income. If you are thinking of establishing a new B&B in the area it has the potential to do well.

The presence of increasing numbers of tourists flocking to the area means more jobs will be created. This filters down to shops, restaurants, and local attractions, as they are looking at these places to spend their money.

Tourists also have a positive spin-off for the environment as the income they bring also gets allocated to the conservation and improvement of the area. This means as the area is upgraded, the residents derive the benefits of improved services such as roads and public transport.

Cheap Storage for When you Need it Most

Making space for a new business such as a B&B is essential, and this is where cheap storage is a major help. It means that for a reasonable monthly charge you can safely store the contents of the house in a self storage unit.

The self storage units at the storage facility at Stop & Store Penrith are large enough to store the contents of a small apartment. This will provide an excellent opportunity to securely store the excess items in the thermally secure steel containers.

If you would like to rent a unit, it’s extremely easy to do so. Simply go online at From here make the enquiry and give us your details.

Doing this electronically saves you time and is quick to do.

Call us any time at 01768 800291 at Stop & Store if you need any further assistance.