COVID-19 and it’s resulting pandemic effect has affected everyone differently. Furlough, redundancy, homeschooling, working from home, and even shielding could have become the new normal for you over the last few months. No matter what your personal circumstances are, renting a self storage unit could be an economical and practical choice for you and your family as we emerge from lockdown.

Working From Home

If you have spent lockdown working from home, you may quickly have become fed up of working on the sofa or hunching over your laptop at the dining table. Your need for a home office may have become apparent, and this could mean sacrificing your spare bedroom or a downstairs reception room. If there’s no end in sight for home working, there’s never been a better time to make the most of a self storage unit. Storing beds, wardrobes, sofas, and even the dining table could give you an empty room in which to set up a home office. Having space to work comfortably without interruptions will be invaluable.

If you miss ‘going out to work’ then you won’t want to work from home forever. Renting storage is a great solution. Once you’re back in the office, you can collect your furniture and enjoy returning your home to normality.

Disrupted House Moves

If you were due to move into a new house during lockdown, you may have been affected by a number of unfortunate events. Disrupted chains, purchases falling through, and withdrawal of previous mortgage offers from lenders, may all have seen your dreams crushed. 

There are many ways that renting personal storage can be helpful whilst trying to move to a new house. If you have managed to hold on to your buyer during lockdown, you may be keen to complete the sale even if you have not had an offer accepted on a new house for yourself. Moving into rented accommodation whilst searching for a property to buy can be a wise move. You may require very little of your furniture or possessions in a rented property, and so a budget storage unit is an ideal option whilst renting. 

If COVID-19 has led to financial difficulties, or caused you to consider downsizing, you may now be considering putting your house on the market. Decluttering furniture and other possessions can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Placing your beloved items into short term storage will offer you confidence that they will be secure until you need them. 

Delayed Renovations

If you had been hoping to renovate or restructure your property this spring or summer, you may now be looking at an autumn or winter project. With less favourable weather, you may feel that it will be safer to move furniture or belongings into a storage facility where they will be protected from the elements. 

Since lockdown, you may have decided that home working suits you. This may have led to plans to extend or renovate your home to add a home office or more living space. Booking storage rental for a few months can be an affordable way to clear any rooms that will be affected. Creating more space within your home may mean that builders can work more quickly to complete your project too.

Changes in Family Circumstances

Many people have suffered financially during the pandemic. Job losses, difficulties juggling home working whilst homeschooling children, and an unstable job market, have taken their toll on many within the UK. 

If you have adolescent children who were due to leave home on finishing their education, this may no longer be the case. Plans for university, college courses, travel plans, or commencing employment may all have been halted. You may have adolescent children who have previously lived independently, but who can no longer afford to do so. Inviting a child to live with you once more, may mean that you need to clear out a spare bedroom, dining room or study, to accommodate them. Placing any excess furniture into storage will give you peace of mind that you can restore your home when your child is independent once more. 

University students who are not returning next semester due to COVID-19 could also use a storage room for any excess furniture, kitchen equipment, or textbooks.

New Businesses

Although lockdown has been challenging for the majority, some people have been able to use this time to follow their dreams of setting up their own business. Enforced furlough or time away from the office may have provided some much-needed time for reflection and soul searching.

As your new business grows, you may require additional business storage for stock or new equipment. If you have run out of space at home, you could even rent a secure storage and set up an inviting office inside it.

Stop and Store and COVID-19

At Stop and Store in Fareham, the health and safety of our customers and staff is at the forefront of our minds. Our storage facility is perfectly set up to help you make the most of our storage facilities whilst being mindful of social distancing and safety precautions. 

All units, from 12 – 200 square feet can be booked online or by calling us over the phone. Our staff can offer advice if you are unsure which size unit would best suit your requirements. If you wish to view a storage unit in person, you can book a visit online and a member of staff will show you around the facility remotely. We are able to offer this service by giving prospective customers a temporary access code, and by using our CCTV system to guide you around our premises. This means you can visit and book a unit without any face to face contact.

Of course, the social distancing guidelines apply throughout Stop and Store. As our facility is quiet, it is unlikely that there will be a high volume of customers on site at one time.

Stop and Store Fareham

If you live in Gosport, Wickham, or the surrounding areas, contact us by phone or online to find out more about renting a storage unit at Stop and Store in Fareham.