It may not sound like a very romantic topic, but believe us when we say that self storage can help your relationship! Whether you’re in a new relationship or a marriage spanning decades, you’ll be surprised to learn just how many opportunities there are to make self storage work for you and your partner. And if you’re not ready to rent a unit yet, we have plenty of other tips to ensure co-habiting plain sailing, too.

Moving in Together

Deciding to live together is an exciting time, but unless you are very young, it’s likely that you have two households’ worth of furniture and possessions to fit into one property. Sometimes it can be hard to know which items to keep, and which to donate or sell. Renting self storage means you can hold onto anything that you’re unsure about, and then make a decision in a few months’ time when you have settled in together. It may be that one sofa will work better than another, or you actually need more bookcases than you realised. Using household storage whilst you decide means you don’t need to make any hasty decisions, which could save you money in the long run.


No matter how in love you might be, compromise is key in a relationship. Perhaps you or your partner are dedicated to at-home exercise, or maybe one of you has a large collection of film memorabilia. You may decide to experiment with changing the function of a spare bedroom into a home gym or a memorabilia exhibition. You could even create an entire room dedicated to a reptile collection. If you feel unsure about how long term this experiment might be, it is wise to move your existing furniture into budget storage. If the experiment should not work out, you’ll still have everything you need to restore the room to its original layout.


Our modern lives are busy, and it’s no surprise that it’s a struggle to keep on top of paperwork and other clutter. Having a good go at decluttering can be very therapeutic (just ask any Marie Kondo fan). The trick is to sort very small areas in one go. Start with one drawer or one kitchen cupboard, rather than emptying a whole room out in one go. This way, it remains manageable and you’re not left with a huge pile to sift through. Divide your possessions into boxes; one for selling, one for charity, and another for recycling or the bin. Regular decluttering will help minimise frustration and help your home feel more peaceful.


You may be surprised to discover how much paraphernalia your other half has accumulated in their pursuit of a hobby. Fishing tackle, camping gear and craft collections can begin to take over whole rooms or the entire garage. If you live near Fareham, it couldn’t be easier to rent a small storage room to house these items when you’re not using them. Located in Fareham Shopping Centre, Stop and Store can be accessed seven days a week, meaning you can collect your items whenever you need them. Your partner will be relieved at the space you create by storing everything securely elsewhere.


If travel is high on your agenda as a couple, renting a self storage unit can help. If you are currently renting and intend to travel for several months, you won’t want to be paying rent whilst you are away. End your contract, place all of your possessions into storage, and get ready for your big adventure. Whilst you’re away, you’ll know that your items are safe and well cared for. With 24 hour CCTV and intruder alarms, at Stop and Store we take security seriously.

If you own your property, it is worth considering renting it out whilst you are away. This can give you some much needed spending money, or contribute towards your mortgage repayments whilst you are away. Should you choose to rent out your property unfurnished, you can store all of your items in Fareham, and collect them in exactly the same condition on your return.

Lifestyle Change

It’s fair to say that having a baby is one of the biggest changes a couple can make to their life. In the 21st century, children require a lot of equipment. If you intend to have more than one child, consider placing anything that is outgrown into storage ready for when it is next needed. Buggies, cots, toys and clothing can all be stockpiled out of your way with storage available at very reasonable prices.

New Ventures

During your relationship, one of you might want to pursue a new career. Self storage units can be used flexibly to help those setting up a new business. Use your unit to store excess stock, file paperwork, or even as your very own office. Fore creatives, you could even use your storage unit as a blank canvas for a photography business or art gallery.

Reduce Stress

Renting a storage unit at Fareham Stop and Store is easy. Simply book online, and then use your personal access code to enter. Whatever you need to store, our units are clean and dry, and you can choose exactly the right size unit for your needs. There’ll be no more bickering about who has to go into the dusty loft, and no stress when trying to retrieve items.

If you have ever experienced furniture or toys getting ruined by damp, insects or rodents in your shed or garage, you’ll know how upsetting it can be. Reduce your levels of stress and be reassured that anything you place into storage will remain clean and dry.

Renting a budget home storage unit is a great way to take some pressure off your relationship. Whether you need to declutter regularly, store excess furniture or make space for new arrivals, couples in Gosport, Portchester and surrounding areas can benefit from renting a unit.

If you wish to book a unit, you can use our space calculator to find out which unit would best suit your needs. Call us today with any queries or to book over the phone.