Looking for a place to store things? This is a situation that arises from time to time, and the proximity of a self storage facility is one thing that makes it easy to do a self storage unit rental in your area. Finding a self storage unit is not really hard, you should just make sure that it’s the right one for you.

One of the best things about self storage is the fact that these storage units are custom designed to store any kind of goods. So, whatever the need is, you can be sure that a self storage facility is suitable for your needs.

The same is sure to go for the location of the storage facility. Stop & Store Penrith is a good example of a well designed secure self storage facility that is in a site convenient to most in Central Cumbria. Bearing in mind the position, which is just off the A66 near Penrith, it is accessible from all directions.

So, whether it is to store your leisure equipment from one summer to the next, or a short term need for you business, self storage rentals are designed to give the solution they have been made for, that is secure self storage.

Accommodating Short or Long Term Storage Needs

The wonderful thing is that once an enquiry has been made with us, we respond quickly by sending you an agreement to sign. Don’t worry if you don’t know at that stage how long you are going to need the self storage unit rental for, because we are flexible.

This means, whether it is short term storage or long-term storage, your contract with us can run for month to month. It means that when your storage requirement is no longer needed, the notice period is only the end of the month.

It means that you only pay for the days you that need storage. You are not tied into restrictive time-based agreements; a reflection of the value self storage offers. And on top of it all, as an extra bonus, it is the most affordable storage there is. Getting cheap storage that is secure helps guarantee that your stored goods are safe.

The need to find storage often arises at unexpected times. The beauty about being able to find a secure unit at short notice, even for short term storage, is that it comes to your rescue when you need it. Arranging it can be done at a drop of a hat, and it doesn’t cost a lot.

Helping in Your Business

One of the best secrets is the help that self storage can provide to business owners when they are in a pickle for space. This can occur when a business is starting out or when it goes into an expansion phase. Starting out helps a new business because of the cost factor and the freedom self storage offers.

Affordable storage in the form of a storage unit rental is assured as it is the lowest cost of storage there is. In addition, if the business has long term storage in mind, then there could be additional discounts applicable, and it is an idea to ask about these when making the storage unit rental.

Freedom comes in the form of not having a lease to sign. As we know the paying of a deposit and a signing a term lease is what puts off a business owner in the initial stages of establishing the business.

At Home: When a Storage Unit Rental is Needed

Emergency situations like a separation, divorce or a death in a family are never pleasant and in these unsettled times, having a storage unit handy to securely store goods and keep them safe and out of the way for a period of time is always a blessing.

This is the time you need for breather and help to reduce the stress caused by being in this position. The same applies to when you are having to relocate your home and need somewhere to store goods. Even as you prepare your house for showing, you may choose to eliminate some of the items that are cluttering up your space.

Self storage unit rentals are particularly handy in the situation of downsizing space at home. This could be in the form of making space for rental to bring in extra income, or simply because your kids have left home and you no longer need such a big house.

Packing and Transporting

Whatever the case, a self storage facility would be able to assist with advice on the best way to facilitate the movement and storage of your goods. Once you have the size of your load measured the transporter can provide a quote, and you will be able to assess what size storage unit rental is needed.

In the case of Stop & Store Penrith, there are a number of size options available, so be sure to get the right one. Not only will you smoothly fit everything into the self storage unit but getting the right size will also fit your pocket accordingly.

Choosing the Right Self Storage Rentals

As it often happens, life’s surprises come our way when we least expect them. A sudden change of circumstances, an opportunity to travel, or simply a delay in being able to occupy your new house. All of these are stressful and involve a decision of where to keep everything.

The fact that you can get on the phone or drop a self storage facility like Stop & Store Penrith a line on email and get an immediate response is reassuring in the first place and that to get a self storage rental up and running very quickly is the second and best solution to your problem.

Booking a self storage facility can be done in the same day, depending on the availability of a unit, and once the first month is paid, you will have access.

The process is so simple and easy, that you don’t need to go anywhere, and your transporter can easily do all the work for you.

The number is 01768 800291 or just find us on https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/penrith-storage/