One of the more stressful things in life is having to move the contents of a house, apartment or if you are a student, your worldly possessions to a new place. It’s the sort of thing that you put off until you must, and don’t relish the idea of having to do it. Self Storage Unit

And it’s an event that can cause a lot of conflict in the family, as often one party does more than the other, and generally, a lot of inconveniences is caused.

Then there is the issue of the weather on the day. We can’t always wait for summer to move, and knowing the UK, their weather is a very unpredictable factor that can’t be forecast with certainty up ahead of the proposed date you wish to move.

Whether it’s to a new home or simply into a storage unit while you rent somewhere, it’s wise to prepare for the toughest conditions on the day, in the likelihood that it happens that way.

Our team at Stop & Store Fareham are always prepared for the harsh weather days to help renters of self storage. This assistance is needed during the move into the self storage unit, particularly in bad weather.

Our advice is to prepare right from the start by applying some basic weather-proof concepts to your move, from the way you pack to the method of removal to your destination.

Keep to Your Timetable

We already know that sunny days are a bonus and don’t come around often in this climate. The chances of rain may be good, while snowfalls follow a pattern, and this could be when you are planning your move. Whatever the date of the move don’t let it deter you.

Working backwards from your intended move date, give yourself enough time to pack. It often takes longer than you think. Plan your packing by day and if you stick to your timetable, it will limit the stress as it will help you get it done in time.

When the day arrives, you may well be in the winter darkness when you start to get everything loaded. We advise that your hire the help of a professional mover to uplift your household contents as they are qualified to do so and are experts at handling bulky or fragile items.

A professional mover will also know what to do if the weather is inclement, like protecting your goods from damage while in transit, negotiating slippery roads, and offloading seamlessly on the other side.

If you are sending to self storage unit, alert the self storage facility of your arrival so that they can be prepared or advise on the weather conditions there.

It is unwise to load a truck the day before, for safety reasons and the fact that a truck is not normally insulated against extreme temperatures either.

Weather Tips

A few useful tips that are easily forgotten can make a difference on the day.

You’d want to start with sturdy packaging for your goods as any flimsy cardboard box that gets wet is likely to crumble in no time. You’d hate it when the contents of the boxes start falling out and causing you a lot of extra hassle.

Make sure that you tape your boxes securely too, perhaps more than normal in case of them getting affected by the adverse weather. Bulky furniture must be well covered with plastic covers and sealed with tape to ensure that the material is not harmed by outside conditions.

Starting early means that it may be dark as in winter the sun comes up late. A torch or flashlight is an essential tool to have on hand. Fumbling around in the dark could result in injuries or breakages, which one would want to avoid at all costs.

Keeping warm is the next big consideration. Plan up ahead for the electricity or gas supply at the new house by getting it arranged before you get there. It is advisable to have the heating turned on low before getting there to make life comfortable from the start.

Think about the access pathways that are going to be used. This could be from the front door of your house to the waiting truck or on the other side at the new house. In the case of your self storage unit, a good storage facility will have this covered.

If the paths are icy and slippery, have some salt with you just in case you need to stabilize the surfaces.

On the Day, Other Things to Think about

Chilly weather is hungry-making weather too, not only for you but your family and the ones helping you do the move. Pack a goodies box, fill with snacks, and flasks of coffee. Remember to add some first aid items just in case there are some slips in the snow.

With the severe weather comes wet and dirt that can be traipsed in by the helpers. This means that your floors are going to be a mess unless you do something about them. Cover them generously with plastic, cardboard or newspaper that can absorb this moisture and grime. In this way you will keep your floors looking good when the move is complete.

Self Storage Unit: The Easy Option

Of course, if you are sending your goods into self storage, the unit will be dry and ready for you. Make sure you don’t bring any pests with you, and it’s a clever idea to clean your furniture before storage so that it looks brand new when you need it again.

At Stop & Store Fareham you can choose from a range of storage unit sizes. It means that no matter how much you must store, there is a unit that will suit your needs.

Find us in Thackeray Mall, in Unit C on the first Floor in Fareham. We are handily located for storage use to everyone in Fareham, Porchester, and the surrounding areas. The units are open for access from 8am and 8pm, seven days a week using your PIN code which is allocated exclusively to you as the renter.

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