At our storage facility we find that the units are often used by householders who are either moving house or have run out of space at home to store their belongings. But we at Stop & Store Fareham are finding that more and more businesses are discovering the benefits of hiring a unit in a storage facility. The main benefit is economic as a business is able to save considerably in a variety of ways as we will show, but there are also benefits to be gained in terms of operational efficiency and also improving the management of their available office space.

Economic Benefits

  • When renting a unit in our storage facility, there is no requirement that the lessee signs a long-term lease. There is also no deposit to be paid. So the amount you pay for the unit is all that you are liable for. There are no extras such as council taxes, electricity costs or water rates. Your monthly costs are constant, unlike a commercial lease where you are required to commit to a long lease, at least a month’s rental as deposit, and you find yourself liable for all sorts of extras that are added to your bill every month.
  • We offer flexibility in terms of size of unit, so you do not need to lease more space than you need. If you require more space at a later date, you can upgrade to a larger unit, and conversely, you can downsize to a smaller unit easily. This kind of flexibility is not possible with a commercial lease, where you often have to rent a bigger area than you need, putting pressure on your bottom line while paying for space than you do not use.

Operational Efficiency

  • For your business to run competently you need storage space to keep work clutter and inventory under control. If you are operating your business from home very soon these will overflow and start impinging on your living areas. The solution to this problem is easy. Just move this stuff out of your home to a storage unit of the appropriate size and reclaim your personal space.
  • Established businesses can use a storage unit to store seasonal items, promotional materials, and pamphlets to free up office space. A storage unit is an ideal place to store those business records and documents that are required to be kept in order to be compliant with government or industry regulations. These can take up expensive office space. Instead they could easily be kept in an organised manner in your storage unit, out of the way and safe, until you need them again.
  • If you run an online business and you need inventory delivered or dispatched from your unit, this is entirely possible at Stop & Store, Fareham. With our convenient hours of business, your deliveries can be safely received or dispatched, even if you are not there.

Can Self storage Work for Your Business

  • Retail businesses such as clothing stores or framing and art shops need extra storage space for their extra inventory or storing bulky supplies like canvasses and frames in a secure, clean environment where they won’t get damaged. Extra retail space is expensive to hire, and often the storage space that comes with the shop is inadequate, so a unit in a facility nearby is a solution to this problem. Clothing retailers also need a place to store seasonal and sale stock and a self storage unit will ensure that the stock is stored safely and not clutter up the shop.
  • If you have a business that needs documents and records stored for legal purposes for lengthy periods you know how much office space these can take up. A storage unit is the ideal solution for this. Add shelving to your unit to ensure that your documents are kept in an organised fashion. Make sure that they are packed securely in plastic boxes or strong cardboard boxes in a moisture proof and vermin proof environment, as any mildew or pests can damage documents and papers irreparably.
  • Contractors such as landscapers, plumbers, electricians, or handymen can run their entire businesses from a self storage unit. Their tools can be kept safely locked away when they aren’t in use as there is more than enough space for ladders and awkward shaped equipment to be stored.
  • Companies such as real estate agents have large ‘For Sale’ signs and other marketing material that needs to be stored. Often the storage space at the office is inadequate, so a storage unit nearby is the ideal inexpensive solution instead of leasing expensive commercial space.

Why Use Stop & Store Fareham

As is evident, renting a unit in a storage facility is an easy solution to your long term or short-term storage needs. Homeowners and different types of business owners can make use of the storage options we have available as well as the array of sizes our units are available in. These range from 12sq ft to 200sq ft, so whether you are storing a few documents and files, or a household of furniture, there is a size available for you. If you feel overwhelmed when trying to decide on which unit to choose, please contact us and we can make the process simple for you. We can even help you with a trolley on moving day to assist with the transfer of your goods to your unit.

Our state-of-the-art booking system allows you to book and pay online, and once you receive your individual PIN, you can immediately move goods in. It is as easy as that. Our aim is to make this process as flexible as possible, with no expensive leases or deposits payable.

Our storage facility is situated in the Fareham Shopping Centre, which makes for easy access.

One of the top priorities of our customers is security of their goods. This should not be a source of worry as we have secured the safety of our premises with 24 hour monitored CCTV surveillance, and an intruder alarm system.

Please contact us on Tel: 01329 556174