Taking the decision to relocate when running your own business is very difficult for most business owners. What will your clients think if you are not nearby? What about your staff? Will their work patterns be affected?  All these questions are likely to go through your mind. But a self storage unit may make the transition easier.

Many have noticed the migration out of cities over the last two years. The countryside offers a lot and is a great way to escape the rat race that often describes city life.

But there are many lessons and takeaways from the way in which most employees changed their daily routines to remote working. Firstly, who would have thought that it was possible to be as productive, maybe even more productive, in the workspace and not be at the office?

Many will have wondered if their lives would get back to normal after the changes in their work patterns. Now that things are normal again, many employers have realized that it’s fine for employees to stay working from home, as this way of working has become a habit that is firmly entrenched.

Relocating to a smaller place, or to a country environment is a step that is easier than many expected. The work routines can be easily accommodated at a distance, after all the technology we have, all employees have become used to these means and now consider it a recognized way of doing business.

Going smaller has some hidden challenges, and if you are used to big spaces, then you are likely to be faced with a storage dilemma along the way. That’s the easy part, as we will see.

Pros and Cons for Relocating and Remote Working

For those looking to relocate the last thing to worry about is what to do with your possessions as the rise in popularity of renting a self storage unit has meant that there is sure to be a storage facility within convenient reach of your intended place of relocation.

The proximity of Stop & Store Penrith in the North Lakes area and its strategic location near to the town and all the major arterial routes has afforded those needing a storage unit near Penrith the luxury of having a cheap storage unit on hand as and when it is required.

What can be expected of relocating and working remotely in a smaller place? The first dynamic is that generally being away from the hustle and bustle makes for an opportunity to spend more time with the family. Remembering that with remote work, there is so much time saved by not having to travel, it gives you great me-time and family time opportunities.

On the downside the lack of seeing your colleagues or employees every day has reduced the chances to spend time with them and connect person-to-person. It also means that you are cut off from the continuous flow of information which being on the spot provides.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it frees you up, if you are a business owner, from some of the daily matters that, ideally the staff should be able to sort out themselves.

Anybody that knows Cumbria will no doubt have enjoyed the outdoors and the excellent variety of ways to enjoy nature. This is sure to be a great benefit as you will have much more time on your hands and have the freedom to do these kinds of things.

While at times remote working coupled with a move to a new place could mean spells of loneliness and feeling cut off from the mainstream, smaller places are generally easier places to make friends. Penrith is a great place for business networking and is recognized as a forward-thinking entrepreneurial society. Anyone relocating to this area should not find it hard to make new contacts and friends.

Many acknowledge that a move like this is beneficial on the pocket and a lot of money can be saved due to lower infrastructure costs experienced by working from home. Double this up by moving to a smaller place, and the savings become quite considerable.

Your Business and How to Manage it

These days virtual meetings are the norm. The advantage to the business and you as an owner is that they can be set up at short notice, and it doesn’t matter where anyone is, they simply join the meeting and there they are.

The business will benefit too, by not having to search for employees in a specific area, but now can draw on a pool of talent that has no borders. In this way the best can be found and brought into the business.

You are sure to encourage autonomy and trust between yourselves, and the business is sure to find that with the day having fewer disruptions, everyone will be far more productive.

Staff are sure to appreciate their freedom, and are unlikely to misuse it, as they feel that they would like to be trusted and don’t wish to let the company down. Staff too are probably less likely to get ill, as they are working with less exposure to germs and viruses often found in the workplace.

It will also give the business a chance to downsize its own premises, and save some money on rent, a win-win for all.

When you Need a Self Storage Unit in and around Penrith

Cumbria is a very popular place for tourists to visit, with many attractions both indoor and outdoor. Not only that, but it is also a great place to live. If you are one of those seeking to relocate here, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and if you have a business that you are leaving behind, running it remotely is a breeze.

By using all the tools available to you, working remotely, and managing people at a distance has become commonplace. Fear not, be bold, and give us the responsibility of looking after your possessions in a self storage unit. Long term or short term our storage conditions are flexible and well-priced.

Remember to enquire about special deals, we will surprise you, and our service excellence is sure to make you another happy customer.

For a storage unit in the North Lakes area, near to Penrith, give us a call on 01768 800291 or find us on https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/penrith-storage/