In the whirlwind of modern living, maintaining a clutter-free, organised home can seem like an elusive dream. The sheer number of possessions can overwhelm any available storage space at home, making it a daily challenge to keep your home in order.

Yet, there’s a secret weapon that savvy homemakers employ to keep their homes organised, and these are self storage units. These useful spaces offer safe storage for belongings that are valuable but not needed on a day-to-day basis, allowing you to transform your home into a serene oasis of order and functionality.

Self Storage Solutions for a Functional, Organised Home

Begin by assessing your needs.

Once you have evaluated the storage space that is available in your home you can determine which of your belongings can be relocated to a storage unit. Taking stock of your belongings will help you identify those that are frequently used and those that are seasonal or rarely used.

Choose the right self storage facility for you.

A self storage facility near your home that is accessible will mean that you can retrieve items easily when you need them. When choosing your actual self storage unit, ensure it has ample space to accommodate your belongings without overcrowding. A unit that is too small will make it very difficult to retrieve any items you may need, and it can also result in your stored goods getting broken, scratched, and dented.

When choosing a self storage facility one of the most important considerations to take into account is the level of security on offer. Advanced security features such as surveillance cameras and strict access control will give you peace of mind knowing that your goods are safe from theft.

Declutter and sort through your belongings.

Donate, sell, or discard belongings that you no longer need.

Sort your belongings that you intend to keep into categories, for example, seasonal items, sentimental keepsakes, etc. to keep you organised.

Pack efficiently.

Use sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and furniture covers to protect your goods during storage. Label your boxes clearly to easily identify contents. This prevents unnecessary digging through stacks of boxes if you need to retrieve anything.

Organise your self storage unit

Pack frequently accessed items near the front of your unit for easy retrieval. Reserve the back of the unit for large items or those that are seldom needed.

Use stackable containers or install shelving to maximize the vertical storage space. Create aisles within the unit for easy navigation and access to stored items.

Reassess and update the contents of your storage unit.

As your storage needs change, remove items you no longer require making space for new belongings that you may need to store.

Home Sweet Home – Achieving Order at Home Using Self Storage

  1. Reclaim Valuable Living Space

    Are your shelves overflowing with books, your garage packed to the rafters with forgotten stuff, or your closets bursting at the seams? A self storage unit will give you ample room to store these belongings off-site thus restoring the balance within your home.

  2. When the Seasons Change

    Self storage units offer a great advantage of accommodating seasonal items. During the transition from winter to spring, bulky coats and snow gear can easily be stored in the unit, thus making room for your lighter clothing. Similarly, as summer comes to an end and winter approaches, you can replace beach gear with cozy blankets. This system of rotating your seasonal items ensures that your living spaces remain organised and free of clutter.

  3. Supporting your Family during a Transition

    Life is a journey that is filled with many changes. These life changes or transitions can include moving homes, renovating, downsizing, changing relationship status, or even making space for expected guests. During these times, a self storage unit can serve as your reliable go-to ally. It offers a temporary home for those belongings that might not fit into your immediate living situation. It is a safe and secure space for your possessions, ensuring that they remain protected until the time is right for you to bring them back home.

  4. Our Homes Need to be Adaptable

    These days our homes often serve multiple purposes. A spare bedroom may double as a home office or gym, while a dining area might transform into a homeschooling hub. Self storage units can help you achieve these different spaces by accommodating items that aren’t required daily. By removing items such as a spare bed or a dining room suite and placing them in storage, you can easily create different functional spaces within your home.

  5. Protecting Valuables

    If you need a secure environment to keep valuables such as artwork, heirlooms, or fragile antiques that do not fit into your current lifestyle, consider keeping them in a storage unit. If you have important documents that need to be preserved, a small self storage unit is the perfect place. If the facility offers advanced security measures you will have the peace of mind that your valuables remain safe and sound for as long as you require.

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