Holiday home storage of leisure equipment or any excess you may have while in the Cumbria is easy to arrange with us at Stop & Store self storage Penrith. We are centrally situated for easy storage of your holiday home excess equipment, or furniture. If you are looking for self-storage in the Penrith area, we have the answer. Situated on the A66, the Stop & Store Storage self storage Penrith location offers easy access at no-frills prices.

Boat Storage North Lakes

Boats can be stored outside, but for absolute protection boat storage in a protected environment like a self-storage unit is best. This cheap self-storage option is an obvious solution to maintaining the condition of your boat, and your investment.

If you are able to store your boat inside a secure enclosed, lockable space, a covered area is an alternate and if you can protect the boat with a custom-made cover, all the better.

Starting with the exterior of the boat, take time to clean thoroughly before storing. If it’s been in sea water, best to remove the salt layers using fresh water, and wipe the surfaces methodically. Look for any blisters on the fiberglass surface and fix them before they become a bigger problem.

The interior of the boat can become pretty messy with water, oil, and diesel smells. If fish have been caught this could add to the aroma so its critical that all the bilges and storage areas are meticulously cleaned, washed and left to dry in the sun. This is especially important as mould could form while the boat is not in use. All loose items on the boat should also be cleaned and stored and not left on the boat.

Now it’s the engine. Of course, you would want it to start first time next time, so now’s the time to ensure that happens. Avoid rust by giving the working parts a light coating of oil with a cloth. Rid the working parts of any dirt and use a protective oil in the engine. Check the oil and fuel filter and leave some fuel in the tank. The more you do at this stage to protect the working parts, the better. If you are going to leave the boat for a while, perhaps remove the battery and have a charger on standby for next time.

Right! Your boat is ready for storage and use next time.

Camping Equipment

One of the most frustrating things about camping is finding something missing when you set up camp. And it usually is because things weren’t packed away properly last time! Storing camping equipment requires a methodical and organized method, with containers being well labelled and secure. While touring you shouldn’t be worried about storing. Camping equipment storage and hiking equipment storage are two of the easiest problems to solve.  Stop & Store self storage Penrith is a central point for all North Lake’s storage requirements.

Storage containers that are best for camping equipment are bins. They can be made of plastic with tops and handles, even with wheels for easy handling. And if they fit into each other even better. In this way they can be easily arranged when transported and the contents well protected.

While camping equipment can become quite bulky, you may choose to store it all with your other holiday accessories, like your boat or quad bikes. Make sure that your camping equipment is clean for your next trip, as you don’t need to find the leftovers of your last trip packed alongside or inside your folded tent. To avoid that it’s a good idea to unpack all your camping equipment when you get home and give it all a thorough clean and dry in the sun before you fold it all away for next time.

Vintage Car Storage

A self-storage unit is a perfect place to store your vintage car. A unit protects your vintage car from the adverse effects of the weather, and being dry, the protection of moisture is an important factor. Preparing your vintage car for storage is essential. If it has a hood, make sure it’s up, to save the fabric from shrinking. If you are not confident about moisture from the floor of your place of storage, lay a sheet of plastic or paint the floor.

Besides the looking after the outside of your vintage car, there are a number of considerations to be taken into account internally. Starting with the engine oil, don’t leave the vehicle in storage with old oil in the sump, as contaminants can harm your engine in storage.

Use anti-freeze to help in the cooling system of the car to protect against freezing, while further steps to prevent corrosion of the working parts could include adding a fuel balancing ethanol product to the fuel in the car which will help reduce the tendency for moisture to accumulate.

Removing the battery is a good option and making sure the storage area is free of vermin who could find their home in the car and surprise you when you return to collect it. Otherwise, if you are unsure put some materials like steel wool in holes they could creep into. Fortunately, self-storage units like those at Stop & Store Penrith are pest free, having excellent pest control routines.

Lastly if you are storing your vintage car for a lengthy period, you may want to remove the wheels and leave your vehicle on jacks. This could prevent the car’s tyres from going flat or perishing due to holding the weight of the car for a long while.

Why Choose Stop & Store Penrith self storage?

Stop & Store has an excellent record and reputation for providing excellent storage services across locations in the UK. Self storage Penrith is perfectly placed for the storage of holiday home excesses, both short term and long term.

Booking a self storage unit for rent is simple. It can be done without having to leave your office or home. Our system saves you time and money in the process. Just send us your information, and we will email you a contract. Once you have read the contract and are comfortable with the contents, please sign it online, and it automatically is returned to us.  You are only committed to a month at a time.

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