Considering all the features offered by self storage, like security, access, and convenience, one of the few negative things to look out for is pests. Although unlikely, pest contamination does occur, and most times it isn’t the fault of the self storage facility. Nevertheless, it would be a great pity to spoil an ideal storage experience by having it marred by pests invading your stored items.

Being devoid of light, the dark environment that self storage provides makes it very suitable for the storage of light-sensitive items like documents and artworks. Having said that, it also suits the creepy crawlies that are known to thrive in the darkness.

Once you have decided to take a self storage rental nearby, it would be wise to understand the potential pests that may occur. This again is unlikely, but forewarned is forearmed, and it will help you take preventative measures just as a precaution.

Top storage facilities like Stop & Store Penrith have stringent measures in place to prevent any sign of pests that could infest our storage units. Along with all the other added features pest control features strongly in the management responsibility of the facility.

What Pests Could be Expected?

Knowing what to look out for is the first step to being informed about pests in self storage units. Any of the following could be a possibility:

  • Silverfish are insects that are attracted to clothes, paper, and cardboard. Over a period, they eat away at these materials. They thrive in a dark and humid environment.
  • Clothes moths love the fabric that clothes are made of and are known to inhabit any fibres that are natural, such as furs, woolen items, and silk, eating away at them over time.
  • Vermin, like rats and mice, come looking for food and alternately may find the quiet comfort of a self storage unit a suitable place to breed. They can climb and sneak into confined places like cracks and once inside, they can do a lot of damage.
  • Insects like termites, cockroaches, and ants can be extremely troublesome once inside a self storage unit. They breed quickly, scrounging for food, and even eat away in the wood. Spiders are also known to frequent quiet places, although they are not prone to do much damage.

What Precautions Should You Take Prior and During Storage?

There are several important steps that you can take before taking your goods to self storage, as well as during the storage term. These are as follows:

When you decide to do a self storage rental nearby, make sure that the one you choose is serious about all the controls expected from a good self storage company.

  • Pest control is one of them.
  • Inspect a unit yourself if you for dryness, cleanliness, and evidence of pest control.

Identify what you want to put into storage. Then make sure that you do the following:

  • Clean your possessions and make sure that everything is dry.
  • Ensure that there is no evidence of food leftovers.
  • Pack in sealable plastic containers that are impermeable to pests.

When packing the self storage unit, make sure of the following:

  • Use a pallet to pack on or use some other method to raise the stored items off the floor.
  • Check that the self storage unit is sealed and that there are no cracks or openings for pests to access the unit.

During your term of storage, it’s an idea to check your unit from time to time, even though you have handed the responsibility to the storage facility.

  • As the sole keyholder, you can only see what is happening inside the unit. Check your possessions when you visit, especially for evidence of any life inside.
  • Keep the unit clean of dust and make sure there are no food leftovers anywhere.
  • Leave some mothballs or other pest deterrents behind just in case.

By playing your part you will be helping the staff at the storage facility to provide the service that they strive to do. Your internal inspection of the unit is an immense help. Many problems arise from the renter bringing the pests with them when they come to the storage facility. By reporting any problems, the staff can take the appropriate action.

What Preventative Measures are Expected of the Self Storage Facility?

What you can expect from a dedicated self storage company are these routines: 

  • They conduct regular inspections of the facility to check for any visible indications of pest activity.
  • Have a contract in place with a recognized service provider to fumigate when necessary and provide pest control services.
  • Keep the storage units in good condition, checking that they are always tightly sealed.
  • Have regular cleaning routines that maintain the storage facility in good condition, with emphasis on waste control measures and disposal.
  • Place monitoring traps and control systems that serve to isolate and detect the emergence of pests.
  • Use their social media and inform staff to educate clients about the damage pests can do in storage.

Stop & Store goes out of its way to ensure that these routines are in place, covering this important aspect of storage to limit the possibility of infestation of pests at their storage facilities.

Expect the Best from Stop & Store Penrith Nearby You

We have seen what can happen if pests are found in a storage unit and it’s a matter we take very seriously. As one of the quality standards we set ourselves, along with customer service, elevated levels of security, and competitive pricing, Stop & Store Penrith has become a preferred choice for storage in Cumbria.

So, when it comes to self storage standards, pest control is just one of the exacting standards set by Stop & Store. We keep your possessions safe and have strict controls in place.

When looking for safe pest-free storage conditions and self storage rental nearby you, call Stop & Store Penrith.

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