When considering your business storage needs, using a self storage facility could be exactly the solution you are looking for. When people think of self storage they immediately think that it is mainly suitable for household storage, but there are so many ways businesses can make use of these facilities and at the same time save a lot of money. This should be music to a business owner’s ears, as any opportunity to save some money is always welcomed! Stop & Store Fareham is a great choice for the storage of stock and inventory used by many different types of businesses.

The way business operates in our fast changing world, especially over the past nearly two years when they have been trying to stay afloat during a world wide pandemic, means that owners have had to become innovative and creative in order to stay afloat. The market has changed and to remain competitive, business owners have had to evolve rapidly. Some businesses have unfortunately folded, so often the traditional way of doing business is not cutting it any more. So what is required is to be open minded and ready to embrace new ideas, innovations, and new ways of doing business to remain competitive.

One of these innovations to stay on top during these turbulent times surely has to be renting a self storage unit for business use. So whether you are growing your business or exploring new ways of doing things, self storage can benefit your business in many ways.

Below are some of benefits to be gained by looking at self storage in a new way. Consider self storage as your partner in business, contributing to its growth and helping it remain relevant in the marketplace.

  • The security and safety of your stored goods are guaranteed.

    The most important requirement of any business is that their inventory or documents or whatever remains secure and safe from any threat. This type of security is very expensive to set up and maintain, but we offer this at Stop & Store Fareham. So setting up the 24 hour monitored CCTV, alarm systems, gates, and security fencing for yourself may be out of the question, but if you rent one of our storage units, this is part of your package. The security of the contents of your storage unit is our priority.

  • Self Storage facilities are flexible in the way they operate.

    There are no long term leases to be signed, nor large deposits to be paid making hiring a self storage unit a much more attractive proposition compared to hiring space in a warehouse, office space, or more retail space, all of which are expensive to rent per square foot. This can assist your cash flow, and ultimately reflect on your bottom line. Renting a self storage unit doesn’t require you to pay extra for security services, electricity, or municipal rates and taxes. The price you are quoted is the price you pay so there are no surprises every month which comes in handy when you are calculating your projections.
    You can terminate your rental contract easily, and you can rent a unit for as long as you need it. Upsize or downsize with ease as well.

  • Expand your business as you need to.

    If your business is growing and you need to free up more office space, consider a self storage unit to keep your extra office furniture or unused office equipment in rather than renting expensive office space to put up those extra work stations for your growing complement of staff. Our monthly rental is cheaper than any commercial or warehouse space.

  • Hiring a self storage unit is the most cost effective way of solving your problem of lack of space.

    If you are in the clothing retail industry and are running out of space to store your next season’s lines, or you have run out of space to store your inventory when Sale season comes around, hiring a self storage unit is much cheaper than renting warehouse space, or extra retail space. Stop & Store Fareham is situated in the mall, making it easily accessible any time you wish to use it. It is like having an extra storage room for your shop and you can rest assured that your stock and inventory will be safe.
    As a business owner, you can store your pamphlets, point of sale and merchandising materials, and seasonal decorations in your storage unit, keeping them safely until you need to access them.

  • While working from home, treat your self storage unit as a handy warehouse.

    While your home is suitable for an office, it is not always possible to keep the tools of your trade and stock safely. You may have a decorating business and need space for paints, brushes, ladders, and more. Or if you are a tradesman like a plumber or an electrician and you have expensive equipment and tools that need to be stored safely, a self storage unit may work for you as it has better security than most garages or store rooms we have at home.

  • Some types of businesses need to store documents.

    Businesses such as accounting firms, solicitors, and architects need to store documents for many years to comply with legal requirements. This is a lot of paperwork that will take up valuable office space. With the security systems that are in place in our self storage facility, you can rest assured that your documents will be safe for as long as you need to keep them.

Stop & Store Fareham for Your Business Storage

Our units vary in size from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft so no matter what the size of your load is, we will have the correct size storage unit for you. By using our handy space calculator you can select the correct size for your needs.

Our security systems are top of the range, and you can be assured that your goods will be safe from theft. Our modern units have steel walls which will keep your goods safe from pests, and also moisture free.

Our facility is conveniently situated in the Fareham Shopping Centre, in the heart of the town, offering you easy access to load and unload your goods.

Tel: 01329 556174 We look forward to hearing from you.