The South Lakes area of Cumbria is one of those places that is well suited for those that are entering their later years and are thinking of retiring to a smaller place. Besides the obvious challenges of finding a place to live, it may be asked whether this area is suited to the lifestyle of people needing to slow down. After all there are diverse needs to be considered when you get older, including the need for extra storage space.

Kendal is a picturesque town at the gateway to the South Lakes. It is a town that is well endowed with shops, big and small, and considered by some as a destination for further exploration. Houses are a mixture of old style and new, and the town generally has immense character and is a thriving community.

Stop & Store is also there providing brand new self storage units for those looking for extra storage space. There are many uses for self storage, not least for those wishing to move and are looking for a safe place to store their possessions.

A particular use is for those that downsize and decide to move to a quieter place like Kendal. Besides the obvious advantage of having a secure place to store everything while in the process of downsizing, self storage is such an easy solution to providing extra space and it’s so easy to rent a self storage unit in Kendal at Stop & Store storage facility.

Downsizing In Kendal: What is Needed?

Now that we have the issue of finding safe storage in Kendal out of the way by telling you about the new self storage units and assuring you that arranging storage rentals for the purpose of finding storage when moving is easy, let’s look at all the other issues that are considered important for such a move.

There is no denying that as we get older, we can’t do the things we used to. The day-to-day chores seem to become more difficult, and it is almost essential that there be someone on hand to assist if and when necessary. While downsizing may do away with a large garden and help simplify life, there will come a time when a helping hand is needed.

Household help

Amongst the list of amenities or service providers to look out for in Kendal or any similar town you plan to downsize to are:

  • Where to do your laundry and ironing if you need it down by someone
  • Is there a place that can provide meals in the event of you not being able to cook for some reason?
  • Are there daily runs you can catch to the shop if you don’t drive anymore?
  • In the event of having a garden, is there a garden service that can do the work for you should you not be able to do so yourself?
  • A cleaning service for your house may help you in the case when you require an outside service provider.

The Social Environment

Generally, the people in smaller towns are easier to befriend than a city. But help linking into groups with similar likes or activities or hobbies that you enjoy is sometimes needed.

  • Ask around about social activities as you don’t want to be isolated when you move to a new place.
  • Are there outings for retired people or a community centre where similar minded people get together for a particular purpose, e.g., bridge or croquet?
  • What about theatre, and outings and how far are these amenities from where you are going to stay, and are there lift clubs to take you there?
  • The creative you, as in sewing, hiking, reading, gardening, or dancing. Is there anything for you in the new town?
  • Kendal is in the South Lakes district, what’s in it for you? Make an effort to explore and know the area so that you can keep up with conversations.

What Personal Care is Available?

None of us envisage the time when we will get old and frail, but it is definitely something to be considered when entering the golden years.

It’s essential to do the homework on this topic, don’t sell yourself short. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Medical facilities, frail care and nursing assistance fall under this category.
  • Personal hygiene and personal grooming assistance could be needed: are there caregivers in the community to help with this?
  • Lastly the community itself may have facilities or groups of people with similar needs that meet from time to time.

Taking the Big Step

Moving is difficult at the best of times, and even more of a hurdle if you are getting on in your years. Downsizing means opting for something smaller, which also implies that not all your house contents will fit into the new place.

As there is likely to be furniture and personal effects that you wish to pass on to the family or friends, our advice is not to be in a hurry and regret your actions later. Simply get a transporter to collect all the items you wish to store and pop them into self storage.

By doing this you can keep everything there for as long as you like, with only a month’s notice needed, until you know what you want to do with them. It’s a straightforward way to solve your problem. In addition, if you need anything there’s easy access for you to collect anything from the self storage unit if you need to.

How to Rent a Storage Unit in Kendall

If you would like to secure a storage unit in Kendall, simply go online at and make your enquiry. Once we have your details, we can process your agreement. On payment for the month (which we will prorate if you join during the month) plus an additional refundable £45 security deposit, you will be assigned access, as quickly as you like it to be.

Thereafter we will deduct your monthly storage fee from your card.

As the time draws close to opening of our new storage facility in Kendall, we hope to hear from you. Plan ahead and give us a call.

The new Stop & Store Kendall is located at the Beckside Business Park, Gatebeck, Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 0HR.

We allow access from Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 6 pm.

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