Most of us don’t make full use of the storage options available to us in the average household. As we continue to acquire possessions, a household becomes increasingly more choked up with possessions. Then at some stage, we reach the point of having to do something about household storage. Problems also arise when having to relocate to another place, perhaps to an expensive city where rent is so high that only a smaller unit is affordable.

This is where the crossroads occur, and a decision must be made about what to do with your household goods that don’t fit in. We had a look at some of the options and knowing that most of us cherish everything we own, getting rid of them wasn’t one of them.

So, what are the best options when having to find space for everything, and the space on hand is too small.

One of the answers is to maximize the existing space you have.

It’s just that often we don’t do this when we move in and once the house is full of stuff, it’s difficult to make the changes to store things more efficiently.

While Stop & Store Penrith is an easy option for those in this predicament who want to safely store all the goods that are cluttering the home, it may not be the option you want if you need to continue to use them in the home.

Straight Forward Household Storage Ideas in the Home

In all households or apartments, no matter how big, space will be at a premium. A spacious home is a welcoming sight, as opposed to when it is littered with clutter and seems choked up with the family’s possessions spread all over the place.

Each room can be considered for space improvements, and with some creative energy they are quite easy to put in place. Let’s look at some straightforward simple ideas to create more space in the home.

Small Homes

As a rule, if you live in a small apartment or a college room, there are lots of ways to maximize your space.  Firstly, ensure that everything that is in this small space is what you use and need daily. Every wall and high space have the potential for storage: hang from the ceiling, make a bookshelf over the doorway, install shelves wherever possible in the bathroom, kitchen, or main room.  You will be surprised what extra space you can create!

In the Kitchen

A cramped kitchen is hard to work in. It’s one of the rooms that is used most frequently in the house. The modern open kitchens of today are designed to give the impression of openness and organization. By installing more vertical shelving, hanging your cooking pots in an attractive way, investing in drawers for spices and other dry goods, you will be surprised what an immediate impact this makes.

Your Home Office

A change in work patterns has probably resulted in the establishment of a home office. To ensure that everything is running smoothly, reappraise your work area, improve privacy, and make it look more businesslike and professional. The home office trend may well be long term, and by turfing out everything that is not related to the office, you will create a great workspace at home.


The children’s room normally is a messy place, with everything jammed in the cupboards. Starting out, make it a happy environment for the kids, with a play zone, work zone and of course their sleep area. By using walls to hang or have vertical cupboards, a desk with an organizer for school things, and so on, the bedroom will look more organized.

In the parent’s bedroom, organization of your personal items can be improved with a walk-in closet area for him and her that give the feeling of openness and neatness in the bedroom itself.

Areas We Tend to Clutter

While we are at it, the three most cluttered areas of the house are the places that we put things that we are not using. This could be in the form of old appliances or furniture that we relaced for something new, an old antique we inherited, that still has value but does not go with the rest of the house.

These places are the garage, attic, and basement. Not every house has all three, but they are the places where unused possessions are stored. While you are at it, do a clearance and re-look at what you need, it’s no good sprucing up half the house and leaving the mess out of sight in these places.

A garage is an ideal place to clean out and re-organize, using roof racks, wall units and getting everything off the ground to keep it clean. And of course, making space for what it’s meant for: parking the cars.

Make Space at Home

There is nothing quite like a free-flowing home which is well organized and looks good on the eye. Household storage has a lot to do with how neat your home can be. But its not just about having enough cupboard space, but rather about using open spaces for custom made storage units that can display and make personal items easily accessible.

When making space at home it’s inevitable that some items will have to go. If they are still needed, self storage is the way to go. It’s such an easy and popular storage option to choose and can be arranged within 24 hours.

With Stop & Store Penrith getting yourself a self storage unit is dead easy.  There is no need to go anywhere either, just do it online.

When making your online enquiry, we will call for your details first, and once we have this, will furnish you with an agreement to sign. This you can also do online and return it to us at Stop & Store.

Of course, if you have any questions, we will be more than happy to help. Once your payment has been made, we allocate you an access code, and you are on your way to our storage facility. As quickly as that!

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