Many of those that have lived through a home renovation are likely to admit that they could have done it more efficiently through better preparation and planning. Some may also indicate how wise it was to move some of the contents of their home into self storage while they did it.

Expect an upheaval when doing a renovation: your house belongs to contractors, and while it is taking place life could be uncomfortable.

To prevent getting overwhelmed why not take the advice of the many that have been through a renovation and hear what should be done to make it a bit easier for yourself?

After all, the reason to do this is to have a better-looking place at the end of it isn’t that true? In doing so part of the planning will be to find temporary storage offsite so that your possessions are not in the way and to prevent them from getting damaged.

The size unit will need to be large enough to house the items that you intend to store, and a normal container-sized unit is likely to be more than adequate for the job. Stop & Store Penrith offers a range of three sizes to choose from, so depending on your load size there is sure to be a storage solution for the items needing storage.

Planning for a Renovation

Before starting, a knowledge of the local bylaws is helpful, and if in doubt, consult a Council member to ensure that you are going to renovate in a legal manner.

The next step is to be able to convert your vision into a work plan.

If you are good at sketching, this could be the way to go, but also looking at designs on social media like Instagram is known to be a great help. In amongst this is a list of the extras that you want from the remodel.

Now that you have a basic idea down on paper, you can proceed to consult designers and contractors. If there is going to be some work that you’d like to do yourself, then make a note of this, so that it can be excluded from the overall quote.

  • Money matters 

Financing the renovation, for many, is always a tough issue. The problem is that there are external factors that always come into play, like the uncertainty of labour, inflation and rising prices of materials and often underestimating the size of the job.

Many wise renovators provide for a conservative 10-15% extra for over budget expenses for surprises and underestimations. This is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the planning process, so that you can be entirely satisfied that the right amount of money has been calculated for the build.

In all instances, a few separate quotes for each of the line items are essential so that you have a handle on the costs of materials. The same goes with the contractor quotes. Take time to make sure that every last detail is in the specifications that they are given so that there are no surprises at the end.

  • Contractor selection

With the old saying that cheap isn’t always the best, look at a number of other factors over and above the price quoted. As you’d want good workmanship, get some references from past clients, and if time permits go and see the work that has been done. This often also comes with years of experience, and the way the customers feel about the contractor experience. So be sure to ask those questions.

Check out the contractor’s license, and insurance details, and be very clear about the payment terms, as agreeing this upfront saves issues later.

Setting a Renovation Timeline

As you are going to be inconvenienced by this renovation a further critical element is the timeline that is agreed with the contractor. Not only is that important for contractual reasons, but its an assurance that the project will be finished within the stipulated timeframes.

Think about imposing a penalty clause in the contract to safeguard yourself against running over the period, which could have a ripple effect on your getting your life back to normal.

Like the budget, allow for some flexibility to include a final cleanup at the end, possible material delivery delays and contractor labour issues.

Now that you have sorted out the money side and the time frame, get the area prepared by making the space needed for the renovation.

Moving Into Storage: What to Look for

Packing and moving into storage means that the items selected for storage should be prepared for storage first. When contacting the self storage facility that you have chosen, ask about packing supplies. The Stop & Store staff are sure to be friendly and helpful in this regard.

At the same time reconfirm that the self storage unit that you choose if the correct size. It wouldn’t be convenient if the contents were too large for the container unit that has been chosen.

Accessibility and convenience are essential when you place goods into self storage. Fortunately, the self storage facility will provide access during the long hours that the storage facility is open.  Stop and Store Penrith is situated just out of town on the A66, making it easy to reach from all directions.

Once you have the moving supplies, pack with care even if it is a short-term stay. The most convenient way to book and occupy a self storage unit is to do it over the phone or on the internet. Once you have made the booking and paid the first month’s charges, take your own locks with you for the double locking mechanism on the secure heavy-duty door.

Just Move in and Lock Behind you

Avoid disappointment by booking a self storage unit when you have made the decision to renovate. You’d be surprised how many people are looking for storage rooms.

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