Just the thought of spring is enough to energize us and galvanize us into action. The first thing that comes to mind of course is a home cleanup or what we all know as a spring clean. As the days get longer, and the air gets warmer, there are many signs that spring is on its way.

Getting a home cleaned out in preparation for the summer is a routine activity, which involves cleaning, decluttering, and reorganizing. Often it involves extra storage to make space for the new and remove the old. Here, self storage comes in handy, where a storage rental signed with the storage facility nearby provides an ideal way to free the house of the things that are in the way.

It is also a time to thoroughly go through every item in the house to make sure it is clean, in good working condition, and going to be of use rather than just being stored for the sake of it. It means getting into all those spaces where junk and old and unused things are kept, accumulating dust, and taking up space.

When looking for a self storage rental, Stop & Store Penrith is one of the best options to consider in the Cumbria area, centrally situated just outside the town itself on the A66.

Get Supplies and Be Prepared

It is always hard to get things underway when deciding to do a spring clean. The reason is simple. It is a massive job, and it takes longer than just one day to do it. Also, there will be many things that have sentimental value that is idle, and you will be wondering what to do with them.

Let’s put those items aside for now as we consider what best to do with them.

Make sure that there are enough cleaning materials before you get down and dirty with the cleaning. Equipment should be in place to cover the areas intended for cleaning. Mops and dusters, rags and cloths for wiping, and brooms for sweeping are a must.  Get some personal protective equipment for yourself, including gloves and boots.

In order to apply cleaning products some basic equipment, like a toilet brush, plunger and squirt bottles with a squeegee are an idea.

While there is a wide array of cleaning products out there, the usual detergents, disinfectants, bleach, ammonia, and polishes are required.

Are you Ready?

As you are going to be exerting yourself over the next few days, remember a few basic rules to avoid injury and also so that you can last the distance doing the spring clean. These are as follows:

  • Be careful on wet floors as when wet they are slippery.
  • Don’t lift something that is too heavy for you, it isn’t worth hurting your back while doing so.
  • If you are going to use a ladder, be incredibly careful, an alternative is a step stool which is also potentially dangerous, so limit the number of times that you have to move it.

General Routine

The success of the cleanout depends on how thorough you are. Remember that there is a backup of the extra storage waiting at the self storage unit nearby, so there is no need to be concerned about the lack of space.

The general routine should include the following: Work top down by cleaning the ceiling, windows, and all surfaces. This includes removing all carpets and giving them a wash, sweeping, and mopping the floors.

General junk and items that are fit for recycling should be put aside for later transportation.

Work systematically!

Remembering that a spring clean is inside and outside of the house choose your times to get started and work systematically.

  • Bedrooms

Bedrooms have a lot of old clothes that are no longer in use, and their removal and disposal are needed. What clothes are left should be neatly folded and packed in such a way that they are easy to locate when needed.

Beds and bedding can be turned and cleaned thoroughly, even exposed to the sun if possible, to dry out and be freed from dust and dirt.

  • Bathrooms

An entire year of bathroom use takes a toll on the bathrooms, and deep cleaning is the only way to get it completely back to the standard you’d like. In the process use an ammonia-based product to brush and rub the showers and baths and toilet.

Take time to reduce the amount of junk that has been accumulating for over a year, including old medicine supplies and other consumables. Make sure towels are fresh before returning them to their position.

  • Kitchen areas

Here there is always a collection of expired foodstuffs and cupboards full of pots and pans that are rarely used. Refrigerators, stoves, and other appliances need to be moved from their spaces and thoroughly cleaned.

  • Lounge area

We know how well-used the lounge is, and there is sure to be some evidence of wear and tear which is detracting from the elegance of the place. Now is the time to clear it out and make good everything, even getting in some new furniture spoil yourself. Out with the old, put it in self storage, and deal with it later.

By now there should be a marked difference in the home already! Junk for recycling and a pile of goods that are suited for storage.

Self Storage Rentals

So, you have decided that self storage is the most affordable way to keep your unused valuables safe? Choosing a self storage rental nearby is a wise move!

Estimate the size of the load you would like to store and then compare it with the three sizes available at Stop & Store Penrith. You would be amazed at how much you can get into a storage unit.

When you need to do the rental, booking online could be the easy way to go, otherwise, call us and we would be delighted to assist.

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