Have you finally made the decision to do the renovations you’ve been putting off for so long? Updating the kitchen? A new living room? Electing to store your furniture at Stop and Store Fareham while you remodel can make your renovations go a lot smoother. Here are three advantages to short term storage.

Store Whilst You Renovate

Protect Your Furniture in Storage

Anyone who’s done a renovation knows how messy they can be. Simply covering your couches and furniture with a large canvas drop cloth is not guaranteed to protect them from the paint and drywall dust that can ruin their appearance. Storing those pieces will also help keep your home organized and clean.

Space Problem

There is also the problem of space. If you live in an apartment, for example, putting your things into storage can take away a lot of the headaches associated with renovating. Whatever is part of the renovated space inevitably has to be moved to another part of your home. Having to step over and around your things throughout the remodel can dramatically increase both the time and frustration associated with completing such a project.

Easier Daily Life with Furniture Storage

Storing your furniture will also allow you to carry on with your daily life much more easily. For people remodelling ahead of a home sale, the property can still be easily shown without the excess clutter and furniture spilling over into other rooms. Entertaining family and friends can also take place with relatively little hassle. Be sure to store your furniture at Stop and Store Fareham Residential Storage before you undertake any major renovations!

Renovating can be scary! Stop and Store Fareham is here to help! We have units for all your extra space needs.