The growth from being a student to a working person is driven by the need to earn money and buy some of the comforts of life that student life denied you. However there are many challenges on the road to independence, including solving issues of student storage on the way.

Most students that near the end of their student lives hope to enter the working world easily with a job that pays well. Having achieved this, they can start filling their surroundings with the luxuries that they have been dreaming about and worked so hard for when studying.

One of these, of course is a permanent place to live, that is furnished according to their needs. The college life could have been great, but most of the accommodation arrangements were likely to have been temporary.

Even the storage of the possessions such as basic furniture, clothes, sports equipment, and books could presented a challenge when being a student, as secure storage needed to be found during the holiday periods. In some cases, this is where self storage came into play. Self storage facilities like Stop & Store Penrith are ideal for the purposes of safe student storage of their belongings, as they can be done by renting a short term self storage unit, a month at a time, which is ideal for their purposes.

Of course not all students would want to go straight into a job, as their minds may be on traveling the world or pursuing some other adventure.

Options for Students when Finished Studies

There are many routes to follow after college or university. Some students love the life so much that they feel the need to carry on and do a postgraduate qualification. Others have the notion that a gap year will be good for their worldly view on life, something that has a lot of merits if the budget can allow.

Perhaps it is the exuberance of youth that helps, but generally the move from student life to the reality of getting a job is filled with challenges and can be very difficult. Some students may opt for an internship or become a research assistant at the institution where they studied to help them integrate themselves into the working world.

A big hurdle is the lack of working experience, and in some cases it could pay to tick this box by doing some volunteer work for a while to be able to get the exposure sought. Again, it’s hard doing this as there won’t be enough money coming in, but it’s a temporary activity for a desired goal.

Work experience has a place on the curriculum vitae, and this is a factor when looking for a job. However, a cv is essential and needs to be done in a professional way.

Starting Out in the Job Market

As a student you may be wondering where to start. Good advice is to start well before you finish your studies. Don’t think that because you don’t have a certificate in your hand that you can’t start preparing. A good place to begin is the learning institution itself.

If they have a career center, then that’s the place to visit. Ask the questions that are bothering you, and see what jobs are available in the career directions you are wanting to follow.

You are sure to get the back up that you are looking for by a counsellor who can assist with the preparation of your cv and direct you to likely opportunities in your career direction.

Even though at this stage you may not be totally sure of where you’d like to work, it’s a good idea to always follow your area of interest, as this will make your work life really worthwhile and interesting.

  • Social and other Networking Opportunities

The power of social networks cannot be underestimated. Some ways to get yourself out there is to create a LinkedIn profile for others to be able to see who you are as well as your CV. Keep your profile well maintained and renew it when you have something to add.

BY joining groups of similar interest on social networks you can interact with others which helps expose you to opportunities should they come up. Remember to be professional always as there will be a temptation do otherwise.

By keeping the purpose of what you are doing, that is looking for a job, you will be marketing yourself and putting yourself in a better position for gaining employment.

  • The Job Search

Your job search can be hard and frustrating. We warned, it’s not easy, and you will be joining a band of other job seekers at the same time. So keep the spirits up and realise that it is going to be a slog.

Some useful tricks are to check the websites of the companies that are in your field of interest. There could be jobs posted on their websites that you could apply for. It is a good idea to approach companies directly, tell them your story and sell yourself to them. Be prepared to start at the bottom and work your way up. Have your personal strengths in your mind and be ready to say what they are.

  • The Interview

The day the call comes to be interviewed you are sure to be nervous. Try not to be. This is the moment you have been waiting for, and your prospective employer has singled you out amongst all the others to see if you are the right one for their company. Put your best foot forward and be confident in your own ability. Soon you will be gainfully employed and on your way in the working world.

Starting Out in Your Career

Ok, now you are on your way. You will want to start accumulating the things in life that make it all worthwhile. Your parents or other family will have some furniture to offer, you will start buying appliances.

If you are looking for a good place to store everything until you get settled, then self storage is your best bet. Rent a self storage unit as and when you need it, it’s cheap storage that you can afford, even before you sign an expensive lease for your accommodation, it’s the way to go to secure your possessions in the student storage.

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