When you are having to find budget storage for belongings that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, there are a number of considerations to ponder. None of us would wish to pay more than necessary but a budget storage solution tops the list in addition to the location of the storage facility, the security it offers, and of course the size units on offer.

Even then you would wish to choose the correct size unit so that you don’t waste space or alternately underestimate the size you need.

Today we look at how to make storage fit into that budget you have in mind and discover how to calculate the size you need so that you can accurately estimate the space required to store your goods.

At Stop & Store Fareham we are fully aware that our clients keep a keen eye on storage costs, which is why we keep costs as low as possible to be able to give you an ideal budget storage solution if you require storage in Fareham.

Let’s help you work out your storage needs and how much it will cost you.

Working out Your Budget

As you do your research, you will discover that storage units come in different sizes and each one has its own price. Generally, the price per square foot is less for larger storage units. Prices are normally shown for a month’s duration, and this is mainly because the contract is month to month. This is a big advantage as when you are doing a budget storage calculation, you are not locked into a lease over a long period.

You may want to use a storage unit for more than two months, in which case there could be a special offer of a 50% discount for the first two months.

This is designed to help you with your budget storage costs as effectively you are getting one month for free.  Which ever way you look at it it’s a good deal, and you probably wouldn’t be able to find that type of cheap storage anywhere.

The Range of Self Storage Units and Cost

The great thing about Self Storage is that you can choose the size storage you need. We will look at what these are and what you can fit into them.

Each one has its own price, accompanied by a range of benefits you get when storing with Stop & Store Fareham. These are:

  • Yours to access seven days a week while completely secured with 24/7 CCTV.
  • perfect for business, home, or student storage requirements
  • Have sole access to the storage unit.
  • Easy access for loading and unloading.

Sizes on offer and what you can fit in

If you have a smaller amount to store, say a small room, the equivalent of 60 medium sized boxes can be stored in a 25 sq ft space.

The cost of this sized unit is £26.99 for the first 2 months, then £53.99 per month thereafter

A one bedroomed house which has four rooms, namely a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom normally can have its contents stored in a 50 sq ft unit. This is if you have the average amount of stuff which is equivalent to 125 medium sized boxes. It’s a normal load on a transit van, and of course if you have some extra bulky furniture or garden implements, you are going to need some extra space.

The 2021 cost of this unit is £46.80 for the first 2 months, then £93.60 per month thereafter.

If you have an extra bedroom, or a two bedroomed house there is a chance that the whole house can be stored in a 75 sq ft storage unit. It can hold between 180-200 medium sized boxes, but if you have a few large items it’s going to be a tight situation.

The cost is £54 for the first 2 months, then £108 per month after that, which as you can see is marginally more.

A three-bedroom house will need a storage unit of at least the size of a 100 sq foot unit. This is assuming you have the normal number of possessions that are found in this sized house.

A 100 sq foot unit will cost £71.99 for the first 2 months, and then £143.99 per month thereafter.

As your storage requirements grow, you require a bigger unit to accommodate the contents of all the rooms. A four bedroomed house which includes a dining room, second bathroom or living room will require at 150 sq foot unit. The storage requirement equates to over 240 medium sized boxes plus some bulky items.

The price for a 150 sq ft unit is:

£92.70 for the first 2 months, then £185.40 per month thereafter.

Hidden Costs

There are some extra costs that are involved in moving to self storage that needs to be provided for in your budget.

  • Moving costs will depend on the size of your load and the distance that it must be transported.
  • Packaging costs include cardboard cartons, bubble wrap and tape: ask your storage company if they can assist.
  • Insurance is recommended and considered to be essential by many. Insurance need not be expensive, and while self storage is secure, anything can happen between your house and the storage unit.
  • A good set of locks is required for your unit. Invest in a strong lock.

At Stop & Store Fareham we make it very easy for you to store with us. You can view, book, sign and pay electronically with the assistance of friendly staff members.

Our state-of-the-art security systems. This helps ensure the safety of all the units. Contact us during office hours. You have long access hours to your unit.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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