Ever wondered why the self storage market keeps growing? It could well be driven by the desire of people to keep on accumulating material things, enough to impress our friends, compete on a social level with others or just to satisfy the curious minds of our children. As families grow the house becomes cramped and is filled with all kinds of gadgets and possessions, some of which may hardly be ever used.

The time may come to look at a bigger house, but as we know the prices in cities are continually rising, and these days new houses tend to be smaller and equally as expensive.

Amongst the options are to move to a cheaper area to be able to enjoy enough space for the family and all the possessions, or to use self storage to accommodate the storage of things like seasonal sports equipment and other bulky items.

There is no stopping human nature to accumulate possessions. Often, we hang onto things for sentimental reasons or to create an impression of wealth. As a wine cellar keeps growing or a hobby collection needs more space, we seek a solution to the space problem, rather than just keep it in line with the space we have.

Finding Space, Looking at Storage Options

Outgrowing one’s house as the family grows and finding a bigger one when we can afford it could mean that more space will become available. With cities being more expensive it would make sense to look for places that offer value for money and enough space for your purposes.

The choice does depend on your view of the hustle and bustle of the city, but the growing trend is for homeowners to forsake the city life in favour of a more peaceful life in the countryside.

Failing that, the use of self storage to manage the overflow of household goods is a widely used option.

When weighing the pros and cons of moving to a quieter place, there are many factors in favour of the life in the countryside. Not only is it cheaper to live and a simpler way of life, but folks are also generally friendlier, and property is also cheaper.

Pound for pound you will get something bigger for the same money you paid in the city. Away from the trappings of a city life, it could be good for your children.

The problem with possessions is that we are disinclined to get rid of them. However, the downside is that they all need space for storage. So, it’s wise to weigh up the benefits of a self storage rental versus a move of accommodation that could potentially create a lot of upheaval in your life.

Heading for the Outdoors

The change of work habits which led the way for many more people to work from home has created a new way of life. This, coupled with the chance to live simply and be in the outdoors where there is more space and scenic views created a rapid rise in demand for countryside living.

Some areas of UK’s countryside areas have been shown enormous interest. One such place is Cumbria in the North of England. Another is the Cotswolds. Both are renown for their natural beauty, wonderful scenery, and coastline.

As to be expected the migration to the countryside has pushed up property prices in these areas. Surprisingly to areas, namely Allerdale and Copeland in Cumbria represent some of the best deals, and in fact are named in several lists offering the cheapest property available in the UK.

Position, Price, Space

The balance of three factors is important in determining where to settle. In the case of the Cumbria the proximity to cities and the road access is a consideration that needs to be looked at. Commutability is important, especially for first time buyers who may be starting out in life and need to keep their links to city life.

The internet as we know makes it easy to stay in touch and has reduced the need to have to attend meetings and be in an office environment. More mature homeowners could be more disposed to taking the big step to move far away and simultaneously making larger home purchases.

The comparative price advantage is an overwhelming “yes” factor for the area. And in essence the space opportunity comes with it. Those seeking a lot more space can find it without having to spend more. In fact, they may have some change in their pockets.

This could be the answer you are looking for and the start of a new life. You will be joining a band of like-minded people who have done a similar life changing move.

Self storage is an easy way to solve all your space requirements in a short space of time. A storage unit will offer you an immediate solution if you are looking for space. Your goods can be packed up, either by yourself or a contractor and relocated to a storage unit.

Stop & Store Penrith has a modern storage facility that is conveniently located on the perimeter of Penrith. Here you will be able to offload and reload your possessions you require and store for as long as you like. In addition, there is no need to sign a daunting, long lease as you would have to do with traditional storage warehousing.

Sign Up without Any Fuss

Arranging a storage rental is quick and easy. You don’t even have to leave your desk to do so. Our booking system is designed to make it easy to book a unit.

Make an enquiry online or give us a call. Once we have your details, we email you the relevant information and you complete the paperwork online. Once you are happy with the deal, sign and pay, and straight away we give you access, and you are ready to move in. As simple as that!

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