Going up in the world could be seen as an indication of progress, or you are downsizing because you have chosen to live a different lifestyle? If you are thinking of doing so and may be moving to a new area there are a lot of important things to think about. Self storage Kendal

Old houses like those built with thick walls and classic design that you find especially in town are completely different to the modern designs of today. We think of the rambling old building with high ceilings and huge rooms. Inside each room is tons of space for storage: under the staircase in the lounge, and the bedrooms have more space than the clothes you can hang there.

The opposite can be said for modern designs: With the escalation of property prices and building costs, space is at a premium: and what gets sacrificed in the process? Cupboard space.

Instead of that extra cupboard in the bedroom, kitchen or lounge, these nooks and crannies are used for other selling features. This could be in the form of a built-in home office workspace, a mini laundry, or a vanity unit.

Our advice as the storage experts is as follows: check out the storage space when you move, and don’t get caught short.

But what if you do and you don’t have enough space to store everything? What do you do?

There are two common choices: make space or use self storage.

Using Self Storage to Make Space

If you are going to choose self storage, then it is best to be prepared. Calling a professional to move your goods to the unit is the easy part. They will come and collect your packed goods, load on a van, and haul it away to the storage facility.

It’s the before and after that you should pay attention to getting your goods ready on the one side, and packing them in the unit on the other. We recommend that both these actions are done by yourself. And there is an important reason you should do it yourself.

You see, no one packs as carefully as you will. You know your possessions; some have sentimental meaning others like old photographs or diaries that you may want to store go back with you a long way. They are your living memories that mean so much, only to you are your loved ones.

Start with the correct supplies. When you have them on hand, they will support your packing efforts and provide a safe passage for them in transit as well as while they stay in storage. Some of the like crockery and glassware need to be individually wrapped and tightly fitted into storage container like a double corrugated box of a plastic container. Others will require a different type of packaging to protect them.

Don’t leave the packing to others as you can never guarantee their safe passage when you do that. Looking at the moving supplies you need, here are some useful items to consider:

Moving boxes of assorted sizes for self storage

Not all boxes are the same. Best look for boxes that are easy to carry, having handles on the side for ease of mobility. Small ones are best suited for the heavy goods you are going to pack like tools and books. Medium sized boxes are good for items that are lightweight such as the kitchen appliances and other similar accessories.

Large boxes can be used for light bulky goods, such as kitchen plastic ware or clothes. Remember the bigger and heavier the box, the less easy it is to move and carry.

When packing boxes one on top of each other, as word of warning: large boxes underneath, small ones on top. Therefore, it’s a great idea to get boxes of varied sizes so that you can maximize the height in your storage area. Ensure that the boxes you buy are good for moving, packing, and stacking and are durable and well-constructed.

Packing tape, stretch film and bubble wrap

Besides the old favourite that is used to wrap items being newspaper, many items are better protected using bubble wrap. Bubble wrap can be sealed using stretch film too, while often stretch film is used to wrap fragile items or items that could spoil. A layer of film provides a valuable protection.

Furniture and mattress covers are essential to use a cover for your lounge suite, beds and even dining room chairs. You will be amazed at the cushion effect that moving blankets give when wrapped around these sorts of items.

Packing of your storage unit

Tie downs are essential to stabilize and keep things together when on the move. Tie downs can be big or small depending on the application and serve a useful purpose when moving.

Back Home: How to Store More

If you are working in a confined space and looking for extra storage space, there a limited options for you to consider. Height is one of them.

Hanging Space

Using walls and ceiling rafters is one way to make use of unused space above the normal level occupied. By hanging on boards on walls or using hooks for pots and pans in the kitchen this method of storage is not only decorative, but also is an especially useful way to alleviate cramped and cluttered cupboards.

Built-in Units

Make use of small units that are available off the shelf at your nearby DIY store and fit into spaces above the door or in unused areas. In this way you can extra space for yourself at home.

When You Run Out of Space at Home

Should you find yourself out of space at home, the solution is simple: Talk to Stop & Store Kendall. You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable storage is with us. Making the booking to rent a self storage unit in Kendal is straightforward. No need to come to us, just do an online enquiry.

Our new Stop & Store Kendall self storage facility opens soon, so don’t delay. In addition, it is very conveniently located in the Beckside Business Park, Gatebeck, Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 0HR.

Units are accessible from Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 6 pm.

Enquiries can be made on https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/kendal/