Despite being a little off the beaten track, there are very good reasons why the Lake District National Park is at the top of the list of National parks in Britain. The area has such a rich history, and it offers explorers and visitors so much from cultural heritage to diverse nature experiences. self storage facility

It’s the Lake District of Cumbria that inspired famous writers like William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter to write many of their fine works. The solitude and beauty, magic of nature and the surrounding countryside are just a few contributing factors.

The Lakes, has so much history, much of it intertwined with the legends like these famous authors of way back. In fact, Beatrix Potter can be thanked for being instrumental in the preservation of the biggest National Park in England, the Lake District National Park.

The Lakes also is home to Scafell Pike: England’s highest mountain. And it’s here in the Lake District that we have found a home for a self storage facility which is located just on the outskirts of Penrith.

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The Lakes Area: Inspiration of Poets and Creative Writers.

The beauty of the area was enjoyed by our forefathers way before Peter Rabbit was born. Nowadays there is an influx of visitors who make use of the attractions the Lake District National Park which include water sports, rock climbing and mountaineering and photographic adventures amongst others.

Way back at the end of the 1700’s William Wordsworth lived here with his parents in Penrith. When he got irritated with his family, reportedly, he ventured into nature, where inspiration came his way to pen some of his famous works.

A century or two later, Beatrix Potter, who was a bit of loner, accumulated pets, and loved the farm life. After first holidaying in the area, she later lived there where she was totally engrossed in the animals and plants and the landscape, all of which were subjects of her prolific paintings and an inspiration for her famous stories.

Preservation of Books and Documents

Imagine having the original copy of “Tales of Peter Rabbit” written in 1903. It is probably written in the fine handwriting of Beatrice Potter herself, crafted and inspired by the creative thoughts of the writer.

It’s sure that such a copy would be worth a fortune, and if it were in its original condition, it will only be that way if it has been stored correctly.

Storing books and such old documents can’t be done without following the correct protocols. Firstly, they’d have to be kept spotlessly clean during the journey of storage. It means that there can’t be any form of contamination or water in the vicinity.

Water is the enemy when it comes to such delicate items, as it could attract mildew or mould in the process.

Prepare for Storage

Taking extra care of books and documents before they go into storage will help protect them while in a place of storage like a self storage facility. Firstly, it is recommended that an outer wrapping of thin protective paper like a tissue or paper towel is provided to wrap the books.

Next pack the books upright in a plastic hold-all with handles. This allows you to transport the books without handling them after packing. By packing them upright in the storage container it also helps retain them better as they are up against each other giving each other support.

Storage temperature is also a factor to consider, as you wouldn’t want your books being exposed to extremes in temperature. By choosing a self storage facility  that keeps the internal temperature at ambient you will be doing your books a favour, especially if you are storing them on a long-term basis.

Books and Their Safekeeping

If you are the kind of person who loves reading, you will know how fast a book collection mounts up. There are books that you want to keep forever and that have meaning to you, and those that pass through your hands, and you have little use for them again.

Building up a library of books is a rewarding hobby, but the safekeeping of the books in your possession will always be a worry. This is because books can spoil and perish if they are not looked after, thereby depreciating in value because of their delicate nature.

The correct storage methods are critical to the welfare of your books, whether at home or offsite. You may have books that are as old as those described earlier, written by famous authors, maybe signed personally on a particular occasion. If this is so, the best storage conditions are warranted. It’s up to you to find these conditions, at home or offsite, which ever you think best at the time.

The Lakes Area: Best of Both Worlds

The interesting history and enduring environment of the Lakes area makes the place a must to visit if you haven’t yet. For those living in the area, there is always something new and interesting to discover. You may be inspired to be a writer yourself when you can soak up the atmosphere here and a chance to learn about the cultural history.

If you are a writer, book enthusiast or love history, then this area would be a must see, and should be on your bucket list of things to do. When you find books, you’d like to keep, storing them requires care and thought, as each book has its own unique story to tell, and you’d not want to spoil one because of careless storage practices.

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