Once you have used a storage unit, it becomes obvious as to why they are such a versatile way to add extra storage to your home or business. There are still many of us out there that have never used a self storage unit for storage before, and this is because storage facilities are relatively new. Their reach is expanding to towns across the UK, a sign that self storage is gaining momentum amongst users. Self Storage Penrith

Our company, Stop & Store, expanded to Penrith in response to the demand for self storage in Cumbria. One of the key factors, as we will see later, is the location and position of a self storage facility. It should be easily accessible from all directions to a market that has a need to store excess goods at one time or another.

Cumbria is a wonderful area where people are drawn to nature’s beauty and all the activities that the North Lakes region offers. Here, many choose to live a quieter and more meaningful life or come on holiday to breathe in the fresh air and live in the outdoors to refresh themselves.

At Stop & Store Penrith we cater for many different types of users of self storage: all requiring self storage for different reasons. Clearly self storage offers certain benefits to both homeowners and businesspeople.

Everyone at some stage of their lives will need self storage. Some don’t know it yet. Let’s have a look at what they could use a self storage unit for:

Uses of Self storage

The general benefit of self storage units is the handy space on hand when you need it for home or business, provided at a very affordable rate.

Home Use

Homes become choked up as the family grows and homeowners acquire more possessions. By nature, most humans like to acquire and show off their wealth through the acquisition of gadgets and accessories for their homes. On the reverse side of this, many of us tend to hoard and find it hard to throw things away as they cease to be in fashion or are less useful to us.

Self storage facilities help reduce the clutter at home, thereby creating more space, often for the benefit of new purchases. Less-used items such as clothes and furniture can be safely stored until a further use can be found for them.

Self storage units are far more secure than homes generally, as security guarantees are offered by a storage facility with its modern alarm systems and 24/7 monitoring.

Storage Penrith

The advantage for Penrith residents and visitors to Cumbria is that these self storage units at the storage facility are large enough to accommodate the holiday equipment like and bicycles that are needed when exploring the area.

The safety that the storage unit provides, and the dry and insulated environment also will protect the contents for the weather extremes by keeping the storage at ambient temperatures.

Self storage units are also ideal for keeping tools and equipment that are expensive and need to be kept out of the way of unscrupulous individuals who may have their eye on stealing them. This is particularly useful when doing a renovation and includes the storage of building materials that are needed for the job.

Ask about the storage offered at Stop & Store Penrith should you need storage space for items that may be too large to fit into a storage unit.

As a leading provider of self storage, as a storage renter, you have private access to your unit when you enter the gate. Only you have access to your unit, and the storage environment is completely safe.

This gives you as a user complete peace of mind about the safety of your goods while in storage.

Business Storage

Irrespective of the type of business, there is a use for self storage for every one of them. It could be to hold stock build-ups in season, storing documents, using it as a depot for distribution, or holding promotional items for display. Using the cheap storage option of self storage is ideal for these purposes.

When an office becomes cluttered with excess office equipment or files, transferring them to a self storage unit will free up space to be able to accommodate desk space when the business expands.

The advantage this is that the business does not need to sell or dispose of assets that it could use again one day.

With office space commanding premium prices, the budget storage costs charged by a storage facility helps the business keep its overheads in check and storage costs low.

This is a popular way to hold the paperwork, equipment, and furniture of the business offsite in a secure environment and is by far less expensive than having to rent extra office space.

As opposed to traditional warehousing, self storage rentals are month-to-month, which is a very sensible option. Don’t forget to ask about discounts that may be offered as an incentive to rent for periods longer than six months. It could save your business even more!

All in all, it’s a win-win for business when extra space is needed.

Sign Up without Any Fuss

When needing more storage space, whether home or business, often it’s needed in a hurry. The great thing about the reaction time of a reputable storage facility is that they make it easy: you can sign up with no fuss and waiting time. The booking can be done remotely, you don’t even have to go there to do so. Stop & Store has a booking system that is designed to be user friendly and super easy to make a booking.

One you make the enquiry, either by going online or calling us, you will receive the paperwork by email. By filling in your details and signing electronically, and making your payment, we give you immediate access. Now you are up and running, just like that!

Contact us today by phone or email for a no obligation quotation on 01768 800291 and speak to our professional Stop & Store staff.

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