We spend so much on electronic equipment, and for most of us, we can’t do without mobile phones, computers, and television sets. In fact, we have become so dependent on electronics, some of us have withdrawals when we are offline for a few hours!

If this sounds familiar, then have you ever given thought to how to store your valuable electronics so that they don’t get damaged?

Probably not, and if that is your real answer, then you are in good company, because very few of us know how quickly our electronics can get damaged while in storage if we don’t take care when we do so.

The fact is that our electronic devices all have metal components which if exposed to moisture, dust, excessive heat, or cold conditions, including big temperature fluctuations day and night, can be spoiled or even stop working.

With this warning, exactly how should you store your electronics safely?

Electronics Storage Conditions

The best environment for the storage of electronics, which also includes computer components and accessories is one in which they are not exposed to humid conditions and cannot get in harm’s way to get damaged. Temperature does not need to be controlled, but temperature extremes are bad for electronics.

Whether it’s humidity in the air or moisture from another source, the effect could be to cause oxidization of the components which in turn cause short-circuiting.

Preparation for storage

It is essential to prepare your electronics for storage if you are going to store them in a self storage unit or keep them some place at home. By doing so you will increase the chance of them remaining in a good condition and prevent damage from occurring while they are being stored.

Each electronic appliance has its own set of storage instructions that would have accompanied the purchase. In the event that you cannot find it, you can check online for details so that you can follow the correct procedures.

  • If the equipment has batteries, they must be removed. This is because of the danger posed by leaking of potassium carbonate contained in the batteries, which will damage the device.
  • If any of the appliances like a printer is going to be stored, it is best to remove the ink cartridges.

Ensuring Your Electronics Safety

Your electronics and computer equipment will have significant value and their safety needs to be assured. At Stop & Store Sutton in Ashfield self storage security is our primary concern, and we take extensive care of our client’s stored possessions. For this reason, many clients choose to store in self storage as it is cheap storage which offers a safe place to store goods. By following some of these preparation instructions you should be able to re-assemble your electronics when you need them again. Also, stored correctly they should be perfectly good for use when you do so.

  • Firstly, ensure all cables and attachments are detached because by keeping them in place there is a chance that the continued metal contact could result in the cables seizing in the socket.
  • A tip to ensure that you use the right socket again is to take a picture of the arrangement at the back of the device so that you don’t make a mistake when re-assembling.
  • Tie the connections together and put them in a labelled box with accessories like the remote control etc. Pack them with the device by strapping them onto the device.

Wrapping and Packing

  • While it would be perfect if you have kept the original container, the electronic device came in, it probably is not the case. So, you will have to find a double-walled corrugated cardboard container the correct size to pack your device in.
  • Wrap in bubble wrap and surround the device with foam in the cardboard box to ensure it fits snugly in the storage container. Take particular care with television sets or computer monitors to ensure that you don’t damage the screen.
  • Be aware that electrostatic discharge can occur in computers that contain microchips and circuitry. While it’s not possible to remove the motherboards, memory boards and drives, safe storage can help prevent the discharge. This is done by using an anti-static bag to pack them in. The best ones to use are metallic anti-static bags.
  • To ensure complete safety, wrap the anti-static bag in bubble-wrap. Electronic devices should not be packed in plastic because this could cause moisture to be collected which in turn could harm the more delicate parts of the electronic device.
  • Add a desiccant to your packaging to assist with keeping the product in a dry environment.
  • It is advantageous to keep a record of everything that you have packed.

Select your Place for Electronics Storage

Self storage is an ideal place for storage of electronics and computer equipment as it is dry and secure. Ensure that nothing is packed on top of electronic equipment as this can easily cause damage to the contents.

  • By packing separately from other goods in the storage unit you can isolate the computer and electronic equipment from other goods for added protection
  • Make sure that electronics with screens like television sets are stored upright with covering such as a blanket to protect them.
  • It’s always good to lay a protective sheet on the ground of the unit for added padding on concrete.
  • Choose a professional company to store your goods with, check reviews and references first.

You would want your electronics to be in perfect working order after storage. By following these few steps, you will be assured that they will do so.

When choosing a suitable place to store your electronics and computer equipment, choose the best option: Self Storage at Stop & Store Sutton in Ashfield. We can assist you to choose the best-sized unit to ensure a self-storage facility that is safe, secure, dry, and pest controlled for short- or long-term storage.

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