The great news for those living in Cumbria is the opening of the self-storage facility near Penrith. This facility near Hutton John on the outskirts of Penrith offers a bright new, self-storage experience for homeowners and businesses wishing to make use of this valuable service.

The self-storage Penrith facility that is now open has been brought to you by the professionals, Stop & Store, who have years of experience in offering top-level customer storage security. The location is well suited to offer the opportunity to more than the local community of Penrith and North Lakes storage seekers who are within travelling distance.

One of the biggest questions in the minds of storage users is “How do I maximize space”. Given that space is limited in a house or garage, homeowners do like to find ways to use the space available optimally. Business on the other hand has a commercial approach to space management as the cost of warehousing is a big cost item on their budgets.

Then there’s self-storage: it’s a cheap option to find yourself space quickly.

So, when you are thinking of hiring self storage and you are in the Penrith area, Stop & Store Storage is your best option.

Here are some storage ideas at home or for your business that will help you organize your storage better:

How to Use Storage Space Efficiently

Whether you are a homeowner of a business, the same principles apply to packing and storing goods. If packed well, and space well utilized, you will get a whole lot more in that if just packed haphazardly. Generally, when reorganizing space and repacking an area, it starts with a good throw out of things that are hoarded, not being used or just have not been removed from your premises as junk for some reason.

This may be an old appliance waiting to be repaired or left-over construction materials that you may need sometime in the future for a building renovation. These are all taking up space, and now would be a good time to make the decision as to what to do with them.

Aerial Storage racking

You’d be astounded as to how much extra, unused space exists above your head height up to ceiling height. Because you can’t simply hang things from the ceiling, the common way to use this space is to erect racks that are suspended from the roof beams. A single rack can hold more than 500lbs and depending on its size, it can hold a lot of items that are perhaps only used seasonally, like sports equipment or travel cases.

Where racking is not possible, stacking is a way to maximize the use of the height that a storage space offers. At Stop & Store Penrith our unit sizes offer generous height for storage, so when you do your self-storage Penrith users are advised to take this into account.

Storage for bits and pieces

Keeping all your small accessories in one place in a unit that is free-standing, or wall-mounted, has a well-arranged set of drawers or compartments is a real handy thing to have. How often don’t we scratch around for a screw, nail or bolt of a particular size, or look for a drill bit urgently only to have to ruffle through everything else to find it.

If the unit is wall-mounted, it could save valuable space. Think of a spice rack as a familiar example and apply the principle to as many groups of items as you can, using vacant wall space. Even flies used for your flyfishing passion can be colourfully displayed in a nicely made display cupboard. The size of the unit need not be greater than for example 22 x 8x 15 inch, and if equipped with a lot of labelled compartments can accommodate a lot of different items.

Hanging on Walls

Using walls to display your working tools is an excellent way to keep them off the ground. If there are things always on the ground it is always difficult to keep the area clean. The other benefit is that you will know exactly where to find the item in question. By looking at its designated space is empty then you know its missing. So, there are many advantages to hanging.

Using a hanging mechanism that can grip the tops of spades, rakes and brooms. This is a perfect organizer of your garden tools or cleaning implements. The neck of the tools slots into a grip so that it can hang without touching the floor. If they are spring-loaded and are sturdy enough, they can carry significant weight.

They are easy to mount, and good on the eye too, making your garage look highly organized!

The second popular wall hanging unit is a metal peg holder. This flat metal sheet has holes that are used to insert hooks or shelves and are fixed to the wall. Being very visible, especially when placed near to where you are working, such as on a wall in your garage, helps improve the accessibility of all your tools. It’s easy to mount and generally makes use of unused wall space.

How to Arrange Self-Storage

Then there is a cheap storage option, now available at Stop & Store Penrith, thermally insulated self-storage units that are a solution to short term or long-term storage needs.

We make it easy to move in. Send us your information and we will send you an agreement. Sign it online, and it automatically gets returned to us. Once you have paid, we send you an access code, and you are up and running! As simple as that. Contracts run from month to month, so you can plan accordingly, and you are not committing yourself to a long lease like traditional warehouse space.

Whether for a home or a business, this could be the answer to your storage problems. Safety and security are a top priority with us, so you are assured that your goods are safe.

Don’t hesitate to call today for a no-obligation quotation on 01768 800291.