A self-storage unit allows many types of businesses to operate out of them. We are constantly amazed as to the range of businesses clients run from our facility at Stop & Store Self Storage Great Yarmouth. This versatility is possible for a number of reasons. Our storage units at Great Yarmouth can be hired on a short-term or long-term basis, there is no deposit required, and the units are accessible between 8 am and 8 pm every day of the week.

So self-storage units are increasingly being used for business purposes as well as for the more traditional reasons of storage of household goods. Even though our economy is not as strong as it was, new ideas such as online startups are becoming increasingly popular as people need to sell their products using internet marketing instead of traditional methods.

Our storage units are used as part of these entrepreneurs’ business models to stock and distribute their products. Deliveries can be easily made, orders packed, and dispatched to their online customers.

This is one of the innovative uses for our storage units and is sure to grow at a rapid rate as more and more people rely on online marketing.

Setting Up an Online Business with Self Storage Great Yarmouth

In the light of retrenchments and furloughs plaguing people at this time, many people are showing the initiative needed to start a new business, and an online business makes sense. There are a few vital requirements such as a computer, an online connection, and a product to sell, although these can be found with a bit of help from Google. Some people are turning their hobbies into a business opportunity while others are selling the products they normally sell at local markets online. The closure of traditional ways of selling products has encouraged people to explore other avenues, such as selling online.

The good news is that not much technical expertise is needed as all the information you need to build an online business is available in user friendly format. You will find out how to build a website from which you will offer your products. The next steps are buying, making, storing, and shipping these products to your customers.

What Sells?

There are various ways to find products that sell as finding the correct niche will be critical to the success of your online business. If you do not have a hobby that you can capitalize on, check out categories of items that are trending to make sure that you are selling something that people actually want to buy.

There are two options, the first being dropshipping, or selling someone else’s product. The other option is to develop and sell something of your own. For this, you need time and money to invest in your product development.


If you go this route, it means that you earn a commission for selling someone else’s product. You would take orders for the product through your website, and someone else would pack the product and organize the shipment.

The upside of dropshipping is that it is a quick way to get going, you do not need to invest in the stock, and by being a marketing representative for someone else, you take no financial risk. This is a good way to get into running an online business.

Develop your own Products

It is important to research your market thoroughly in order to understand the demographics of who your target market is.

Here are some niches to consider when looking for products to sell:

Health and beauty products, smartwatches, health and skincare, hobbies and crafts, mobile accessories, pet products, fine jewelry, sleepwear, and homeware like lamps and shades.

Think of products that people will use while they are at home, and it may help to break them down further into brands to sell on your online store.

How to Start

Whether you choose dropshipping, converting your hobby to a business, or developing your own product range, these are the common steps you need to take before you are up and running.

  • Name Your Business

    Once you have a name in mind, see if it is available and register a domain for it.

  • Install WordPress

    Installation is free and should be easy and quick. Once you have configured the settings, choose a theme to suit the product category you are developing.

  • Install Your E-commerce Platform

    This will let you create product pages, receive payments, as well as giving you advice on selling strategies and extensions. WooCommerce is an example of a platform that will help you reach customers and generate sales.

  • Choose a Payment Gateway

    A secure gateway such as PayPal is needed to accept payments. Compare fees, understand their security features, and read reviews.

  • Load your Products

    Take great photos and write exciting descriptions of your products. Check what your opposition is doing, and make sure yours look and sound better before loading them onto your product page.

  • Professionalize your Website

    Perfect your website by filling in the landing pages and copy using keywords geared for search engine optimization. Use your “About Us” and FAQ’s to use more keywords.

  • Use Extensions to Expand Your Reach

    There are ways to help get your business up and running. Use extensions which are add-ons that give your online store greater functionality and wider options. WooCommerce’s marketplace of extensions will help you with this.

  • Generate Sales

    To generate sales learn all you can about SEO and how it can work for you. Google Analytics will tell you what keywords to use. Use these to finetune your copy and learn how to get customers through ad words.

At Stop & Store Storage Great Yarmouth we will keep your stock safely and securely. We offer 24 hours monitored CCTV coverage, burglar alarms, and intruder alarm. You will be able to manage all your deliveries and distribution from our storage unit. Our units are competitively priced and considerably cheaper than a formal, rented premise. Please check out our website for any special offers on our units.

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