Penrith is a thriving environment for business, with a professional go-ahead climate for success, particularly if you are an entrepreneur. Not all of us of course are destined to be an entrepreneur, as we, amongst other things tend to fear failure. Storage Penrith

Failing at a business idea is not a bad thing. Think of a child learning to walk and when they fall, they could either get up and try again, or choose to lie in their mum’s arms and cry and look for sympathy. In the first instance the child showed perseverance, just like you’d expect from an entrepreneur. Many an entrepreneur has started with an idea, and perhaps failed for various reasons. Those that get up and dust themselves off, even after losing money or going out of business and try again have got what it takes to be successful in the long run.

It normally starts with an idea, a concept or perceived opportunity that could make money. But a good idea is as good as its implementation. It will go nowhere without effort and perseverance, and it’s the entrepreneur that is the driving force behind it.

Penrith and its surrounding communities are known for the entrepreneurial environment in which enterprising residents have created their own businesses, a tradition that goes back over a long period of time. Why Penrith you may ask?

The fact that the statistics show this to be true, measured through figures pointing to the rate of self-employment in Penrith being almost double the overall UK average. Also, the area is alive with economic activity that is a lot higher than the national norm. This makes Penrith a good place to be if you are an entrepreneur especially.

It can be said that a business model will really work if you have the right people involved, whether directly or indirectly. This is a hallmark of the Penrith environment. The Chamber or Trade and Commerce of Penrith has supported the idea of promoting the concept of business networking over the years, believing that this is one of the key factors in helping businesspeople succeed.

Stop & Store Penrith recently joined the community to provide further service in the form of self-storage units which are ideal for use in business and home use. Self-storage is a proven concept giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to expand their ideas using this cheap storage method and peace of mind for the storage and distribution side of the business.

Making It Happen

Penrith authorities have strived to make the business environment conducive to success. Working with the business community in a proactive way, an enabling environment has been created that strives to make it easy for business to trade and achieve its goals. A joint initiative was created in 2013 called the Penrith Improvement District which supports businesspeople, helping empower them in their business, and inspires and promotes an entrepreneurial spirit across the District.

This says a lot for Penrith as it’s a way to help reduce business failure and give self-employed businesspeople a kind of security blanket to go forward, innovate and drive their businesses with confidence.

For the entrepreneurs themselves, whether in Penrith or the world over there are a lot of common denominators to be found in their characters and approaches to business. The pursuit of dreams while shrugging off the fear of failure is the first one that comes to mind. And if you are in a positive environment surrounded by like-minded people, this is a self- promoting thing, as success breeds success.

Entrepreneurs make it happen, it’s 2 % idea and 98% perseverance and sweat, sticking to the goal through thick and thin. Business success is like running a marathon, it does not happen after the first mile. Successful business owners will tell you that they stuck it out, through the good times and the bad times.

Travis Kalanick, founder of Uber once said, “Fear is the disease, hustle is the antidote”. By getting on with it and making it happen, things happen. The famous Walt Disney is quoted as saying, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” And he should know, we have a lot to admire him for, while at the same time his dreams have brough many, many millions so much joy.

Why Penrith?

The location of Penrith provides an ideal springboard for trade. Not only are the people of the area geared up for business. Businesswomen who participate in the Penrith Rural Women in Business Network meet on a regular basis to exchange views, learn new things and get inspiration from others by networking with like-minded people.

Being on the M6 corridor which runs across the north west of England to Scotland, Penrith is perfectly positioned for trade. Access to major cities like Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle, Preston, Manchester and Carlisle by road or rail directly from Penrith is a blessing. The infrastructure that has been established serves a cross section of retail and wholesale businesses and there is sure to be suitable premises available for prospective newcomers.

If you are thinking of moving into the area and would like to store your household goods while you rent, self-storage is the answer. Perhaps you are looking for cheap storage Penrith can provide, then Stop & Store can help. Please look out for our special offers from time to time. Choosing Penrith to stay when visiting the Lake District offers better value for money than in the National Park and is a cheaper option. The town itself is quaint with plenty to do, as there is a lot going on. If you are a regular visitor to this beautiful area, consider leaving your holiday gear, like camping equipment and bicycles securely locked in the self-storage we offer.

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