One of the key ways of determining if you are serving your customers well is to hear what they have to say about you. If it’s bad, you must take it on the chin and do something about it. If it’s good, then make it even better until it’s excellent and all the reviews are 5 stars. Self Storage Facility Fareham

In the adage that one unhappy customer on average tells eight others, it simply means that when someone receives bad service, it simply reverberates around the place and turns others off using that service.

Running a storage facility as we do is no different. It’s a business that serves its customers who have a storage requirement. Adding the personal touch, we have found, goes a long way to making customers feel welcome.

In addition to trying to give great customer service, we did our homework about the location. Before establishing our storage facility here in Fareham, we look at a host of suitable places to serve the Community best.

Our answer came in the form of the Fareham Shopping Centre. How much more central can that be? Then we added a further important aspect, being accessibility.

Judging from the reviews we receive Stop & Store Fareham has developed into the number one choice of storage facility in the area. This has happened by being dedicated to our efforts to exceed our customers storage expectations.

It didn’t happen overnight, but one thing we have learnt: Listen to your customers!

When You Listen to Your Customers

With social media being such an immediate form of communication, customer feedback is immediate when something needs to be said. Dissatisfied customers are more likely to take to social media than satisfied ones, as it’s a way of expressing dissatisfaction.

Stop & Store Philosophy

We know that our customers want consistently good service from our operation. In turn by always giving good levels of service we are able to build trust and security, especially in the case of storage where you trust us with your possessions for safekeeping.

The positive effect of this is that our customers will choose to stay with us. This is true: we have many customers that have been with us for a long time. We also know that they recommend Stop & Store to others, so that has a positive spin-off when it comes to new business.

Personal service is the second ingredient that we add to our recipe of customer service excellence. The buck stops with the owner, and our philosophy is that Jon is always available to talk to.

All the staff at Stop & Store know that injecting personality to customer interactions is key. Our warm, friendly approach with a smile in our voice. Couple this with the willingness to attend to the customer’s needs: this is all part of our service mantra.

The staff have been trained to solve the problems of our customers in the best possible way, even before they become a problem. This starts with a courteous greeting of welcome followed by paying attention to what a customer may want or say. Once understood, we present a solution and gain their buy-in. This is all in the day’s work of making our customer number 1.

This approach also helps build our relationship with our customers, which partly explains why we have had so many with us for so long.

Moving Possessions is Stressful

When moving your possessions, it ranks as one of the more stressful things to happen in life. It may be because you are relocating, traveling abroad, renovating, or expanding your business. People frequently need somewhere to store their things, with minimal fuss and bother. The storage facility has to be secure, and access should be quick and easy.

Stop & Store has listened. We understand the stress, we understand the need to get your possessions into a storage unit, often at short notice. We also know that you can’t always have the time to see us when you want to arrange the booking. Which is why everything about the way we work is designed to be easy and seamless up to the point where you are allocated your access code.

After that we work long hours in case you need us. Our office times are 8am to 6pm. We have you in mind because you can’t always do things you’d like in the normal working hours. Just contact us via email or phone, you will find that we are quick to answer and aim to be extremely helpful.

Listening to our customers has also helped us become price competitive. By having frequent special offers and pricing our services to please our customers, we are the cheapest storage facility in Fareham. This always brings a smile to their faces!

While we are reticent to blow our own trumpets, a quick glance at our reviews in our website will convince you that we are doing what we promised.

This gives us the confidence we need to say ”We are here to offer you the best service at the best price”.

Why Stop & Store Fareham

When you need cheap storage arranged by professionals our storage facility at Fareham Shopping Centre, could be your answer. Our aim is to make the booking and access as easy for you as possible. In addition, there are no long-term commitments in the form of onerous leases or deposits that tie you or your money down.

With top-class security where the premises are monitored by CCTV coverage, you are assured of the high level of safety one would expect from us.

To find out more please give one of our friendly staff a call, we will arrange everything for you. Don’t forget to ask about the special offers and discounts, and when you arrive, you will find accessing your unit very easy. If you need help, we can provide trollies for you to convey your goods to your unit.

Tel: 01329 556174