Many people have started new businesses over the past two years, and this is supported by the statistics. There were a record number of new businesses registered in 2021 and 2022.  This seems to indicate that many of those side hustles started during the pandemic have transformed into full-time businesses. And although many people lost their businesses or their jobs due to the lockdowns, record numbers of people have stood up, dusted themselves off and started again!

Is one of these new businesses yours? If so, where, when you are starting a new business, do you store some of your assets such as equipment? Equipment and machinery are important assets of your business. They need to be stored safely at all times, not only to keep them secure from theft but so that they are available to you when you need them. They also needs to be stored correctly to keep them from deteriorating in condition and losing value as would happen, for example, if they begin to rust. But most new businesses do not have the funds to hire space in a warehouse or move to larger premises.

Fortunately, there is an alternative, and that is to hire a self storage unit. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Secure your goods from theft or vandalism. Unfortunately, it is not safe to leave any equipment, even if it is large, unattended. Anything is fair game to those individuals who will take any opportunity to vandalize or steal. Hiring a secure self storage unit in a facility such as Stop & Store Fareham to keep any tools of your trade is a good business decision that will give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your belongings. There is no need to stress about criminals getting their hands on your goods as they will be protected by an effective security system.
  2. Keep your goods in a weatherproof environment. Your assets should not be stored carelessly outside at the mercy of the elements. This way they could get damaged and even be rendered unusable. These are the precious assets of your business and should be treated as such. So, store them in an ideal setting such as a clean and dry storage unit so that they are not exposed to all types of weather.
  3. A large storage unit may even allow for enough space to carry out maintenance and repairs on your machinery. All machinery and tools need to be cleaned and maintained to keep them in tip-top condition and keeping them in a storage unit will give you the space to do just that.
  4. Most businesses need stock and materials to keep up with the demands of their customers, and this stock needs to be kept somewhere. A self storage unit provides the answer to this. Keep extra stock stored safely for as long as you need to as self storage is a flexible solution to this problem. There are no lengthy contracts to be entered into, and it is easy to change to a different-sized unit if you find you need a smaller or larger unit.
  5. Maintaining a work/life balance is important. This is difficult when you are starting a business because your new business needs as much of your time and attention as possible. Often this is at the expense of your family life because many businesses begin from home. A way to solve this is to set up your office at home but hire a self storage unit to keep any stock, materials, equipment, or tools needed. Keeping these goods out of your home or garage will assist in maintaining this balance.
  6. Growing a business is about finding new customers and being able to fulfill their orders timeously. This is one of the ways to build a reliable business that your customers can trust. Having enough stock to fulfill these orders is important, so renting a self storage unit is a way of keeping those promises made to clients about how quickly you can deliver their order. Renting a storage unit will mean always having enough space to store your extra stock.
  7. Before you commit to a large commercial space with a high rental where you need to sign a long lease and pay a hefty deposit, consider hiring a self storage unit to give you that space outside your home. Rentals are monthly and the price you are quoted is what you pay. There are no hidden extras. This arrangement is better for your business’s cash flow.
  8. If you are moving to a new office you may need a short term storage solution after you have packed up your old office. A self storage unit is the perfect place to keep your office equipment safely whether you need a unit for a few weeks or months.

Use Stop & Store Fareham Self Storage

If you are looking for a solution to your storage problems for your business, renting one of our self storage units at Stop & Store Fareham could be the answer. We offer long and short term storage solutions to both old and new business owners.

  • If security is your priority as it is with all our customers, we offer top security for your goods while in storage. Our facility has 24 hour monitored CCTV surveillance and an intruder alarm system.
  • Once you have booked and paid for your self storage unit, you receive your individual PIN which gives you access to your unit. You can then start moving your goods in.
  • We offer a range of unit sizes, from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft, which means whether you need to store a few documents and files, or you need enough space to store your tools of the trade or your office equipment, you will find a size to suit you. Please contact us if you need any help in deciding which size would be right for you. We also have a handy space calculator on our website to help with your decision.
  • On moving day we can help you with a trolley to make it easier for you to move your goods into your unit.
  • Please check out what our customers say about us by reading their reviews on our website.

Our storage facility is situated in the Fareham Shopping Centre, with easy access to load and unload your belongings. Please ask us about our monthly specials. Self storage may be more reasonable than you think for your business!

Please contact us on Tel: 01329 556174. We look forward to hearing from you.