Working from home has become the norm in 2020 as a result of COVID-19. Many of us have found ourselves having to work at the dining table, on the sofa, or even propped up on the bed. Whilst this might have been a novelty at first, as the months go by you are not alone if you are now in desperate need of a more permanent home working solution. Renting a self storage unit in Fareham offers many ways to make working from home a success.

Why Work From Home?

Even before COVID-19 struck, there were many perks to working from home. For many, losing the commute has freed up one or more hours each day. This allows for flexibility in start and finish times and can give workers a better quality of life. More time can be spent with family, exercising or simply enjoying some down time.

Meetings can be hosted by phone or video and may not take as long as face to face appointments. From an employer’s perspective, money is saved on rent and utilities.

However, it takes discipline to work from home without getting distracted. Creating your perfect workspace is the first step to maximising your productivity. It is also advantageous to have a designated workspace, so that you do not spend your leisure time feeling like you are still “at work”. Renting a storage unit can benefit those working at home in a variety of ways.

Creating the Space

If you have found yourself working from home this year, you may have envied your friends or colleagues who already have the space for a beautiful home office. Although it would be nice to have a room dedicated to work, this is not realistic for many of us.

Most of us have had to make a room with an existing function work in a different way; adding a desk to a bedroom or clearing a space on the kitchen table. Often, this can lead to clutter and a feeling of chaos, as rooms become cramped or untidy. Where possible, sorting through the contents of a room can create the space you so desperately need. Old clothes, toys or books can be sold, giving you a bit of extra cash.

Spare rooms often become a dumping ground for excess furniture, Christmas decorations and even camping equipment. If you now want to create an uncluttered workspace here, these items can all be moved to a budget self storage unit. This means you get the items out of your house whilst they’re not needed, but they’ll still be available to you when required.

If you do have to work in a bedroom or living room, try to give the room two distinct functions. Avoid working from your bed or sofa, as otherwise these spaces won’t feel relaxing when you want to wind down in the evenings. Squeeze a desk into any available space so that you can get yourself into your work-zone. Even an unloved alcove can offer enough space for a small desk!

Work Comfortably

Once you’ve chosen the room you’ll be working from, you’ll need to make sure your workstation is comfortable and good for your health. Choose a sturdy desk or table, and try to make sure your chair has adjustable heights. This will help you to take good care of your back if you spend much of your day seated.

Where possible, it is helpful to choose a quiet room that won’t be required by your partner or children. Minimising distractions will help you maximise your work output. You’ll also want to ensure you have a good internet connection, so avoid anywhere in your home that you know is a blackspot for Wi-Fi. Similarly, if you have poor mobile signal in your house, make sure you have a landline number to fall back on if you’re likely to be making or receiving phone calls for work.

Get Organised!

In the office, a lot of the organisation may have been done for you. Filing cabinets, bookcases and even libraries may have been available to you as required. At home, you’ll have to be your own boss in terms of home office design. Consider installing shelves, cabinets or drawers to help you keep on top of paperwork or to ensure an effective filing system.

Hang white boards, pin boards or year planners to the wall to help you keep on top of your goals or succeed in your own action plans.

You wouldn’t spend hours on your personal smartphone in the office, so don’t get distracted at home, either! If possible, leave your phone in another room and only check it at lunchtime or after work. If this isn’t possible, turn off notifications for anything that isn’t related to work.

If your employer offers flexible working, try to make sure you set your own daily schedule. Know your core hours of work and avoid late nights or lie-ins that could make it more difficult to stick to.

Whilst working, it is important to eat healthily and drink plenty of water to aid cognitive function.

Clearing the Old Office

As an employer, you may have decided to downsize or even vacate your business premises. This may leave you with surplus furniture, computers or other electrical equipment. During these uncertain times, it makes sense to hold on to these items until we can be more sure what professional working may look like in the future. Renting business storage is an affordable solution that ensures you’ll have everything you need should you wish to invite your staff back to an office environment.

New Businesses

For some people, COVID-19 has been an opportunity to start a new business. As your fledgling idea begins to take off, you may find you need more space to store your stock. A storage unit offers a safe, dry and convenient location to securely store your items.

Some entrepreneurs choose to run their entire business from within a storage unit. Business storage offers a blank canvas; add a desk, armchair, sewing machine or easel and watch your business fly. Even better, your home will remain a work-free zone, allowing you to fully relax on your days off.

Stop and Store in Fareham offers convenient personal and business storage units of varying sizes. However COVID-19 might have altered your employment, renting a storage room could be a wise investment as you get used to a new way of working.