We love winters here in our country, but sometimes they seem to drag on for too long. We long for the sounds of spring and when we see the emergence of new leaves and blossoms in our garden, that’s a sure sign that it is on its way. This is when you start thinking about summer and going on holiday. The Lake District is amongst many peoples’ first choices, but to go there you need to be equipped for the fun it offers.

It means taking your bells and whistles with you, lock stock and barrel: kayaks, bikes and even your much loved dog. But where to store all of this if you are staying in a B&B? Arranging storage in Lake District should be the least of your problems and it should never stop you from living your summer holiday dream.

Help is at hand certainly when you need short term storage in Cumbria, in a centrally situated location. Think no further than Stop & Store Penrith, a highly respected storage facility on the doorstep of the Lake District.

So, with the winter receding at last, you may be spurred into booking your next outing for the family to the Lake District before you find out that all the cozy accommodation places you’ve heard about are full!

Plenty to Do and To See

The area has so much to do, and you are unlikely to be able to see them all if you are there for a few weeks. Explore on foot, with the dog, on the water or by cycling the great trails that are on offer.

In many cases you can hire the equipment you need, but you may prefer your own to save rental costs of hiring. Bring your favourites along, and keep them secure in a self storage unit, knowing that they will be secure when you are not using them. Use your rowboat or kayak, pack a picnic and head out from Fell Foot on the southern side of Lake Windermere. There is a park for the kids to play in to help them burn off their excess energy for the day.

When kids hear they are going to visit a real castle, you can be sure they will be really excited! Not only is Wray Castle, situated on the lake as well, a great place for the family to explore, but there are really fun walking trails around the Castle that they will really enjoy. They are a perfect distance for children, and there are good spots where you can enjoy a picnic too.

Fire up their imaginations with the stories of Beatrix Potter, as they are going to where all her fictional characters were born and live their dream lives. When they see where Jemima Puddleduck and Peter Rabbit hung out, they are going to be enthralled. A visit to her old farmhouse will reveal all the secrets that you have only read to them, and you are sure to be inspired too!

What You Need and Where to Store

We have already mentioned some of the things that you should take with you. Remember self storage is a very convenient place for their secure storage and it means that they won’t get in the way at your place of accommodation which is likely to be quite busy over the season. You definitely wouldn’t want them to be in the way. If it’s a boat you are thinking of bringing, a self storage unit is ideal, and you are sure to find the right sized one for your needs.

Even a quad bike or your fishing equipment can be kept safely this way, while the Lake District also encourages cyclists to explore the area, rather than have the fumes of car exhausts polluting the pristine natural environment. Besides, it’s a really great way to return you system to better health while on holiday!

There are mountains and walks, fields of flowers and plenty of wild animals to observe. It’s a truly great outdoors area for the whole family to enjoy. You are sure to be really refreshed at the end of it. There are also some great mental challenges if you are a budding artist and like to draw or want to test your agility on balancing beams or show your strength on swinging ropes. The Lake District has it all.

If it’s peace and quiet you are after simply board the steam yacht Gondola and cruise the Coniston Water while you enjoy the magnificence of the scenery. It is all here for you to enjoy.

Now that we have tempted you, get on with the booking, time is of the essence!

Rent a Self Storage Unit in Lake District

Before you head out on your holiday, it is advisable to rent a self storage unit in the Lake District. Then you will have peace of mind knowing that your prized possessions are safe when you enjoy the surrounds. At Stop & Store Penrith we have three sizes self storage unit that you can choose from. The smallest is 2 meters in length, and they go up in size to four meters. So, if you are bringing the likes of a boat, you can measure it beforehand and work out which one will be the most suitable.

Renting is very easy, you can do this from wherever you are currently, you don’t have to go and look at the units, as they can be viewed on our website. They are insulated steel containers with a hefty door that accommodates two locks. For your own safety, you are advised to bring the locks with you when you come,

Make the enquiry online and we do the paperwork electronically. Self storage with us in Cumbria is short term, on a month-to-month basis. We will even prorate your arrival for the month to make sure that you get an affordable storage experience with us.

So, when you are ready let us know.

Give us a call today for a no obligation quotation on 01768 800291 or find us on https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/penrith-storage/