It’s been suggested that almost a third of adult children have come back to stay with their parents in the last year in the UK on account of the worst pandemic in living memory. Many of our family members have lost their jobs or have been furloughed and are unable to afford their rentals. In addition, we have family members who are students and are returning home to carry on with their studies online as being away at university or college is no longer possible as these institutions turn to online learning. 

You may be one of these many parents that has had to make space in your home for extra people as a result of these lockdowns to our lives that no-one expected or saw coming. And you are certainly not alone in having to adjust your life to accommodate one or more of your adult offspring. 

Except this time, it’s not one child coming back. Your adult son or daughter now has a family. Circumstances beyond their control have forced them to consolidate their lives and finances and they may have to stay with you until further notice. After all, no-one knows when this will end.

Whatever scenario you are facing, your priorities also need to change. Out of necessity you will have to organize your entire household and your belongings differently to accommodate your changed circumstances.

This will require having to make extra space available in your home by packing away or getting rid of items that are not in frequent use. If you are unsure about disposing of them permanently just in case you may need them when we return to normal, consider using a self-storage facility.

Utilizing a self-storage unit remains one of the easiest ways of maximizing space in your home. If you find your home situation has changed and you now have family members returning home to live with you, you need to find a place to store your stuff safely and cost-effectively while freeing up space. 

A self-storage facility that can help you with either short-term or long-term storage may be the perfect solution to your problems. Here are some important points to consider while you decide on a self-storage rental. 

Strange Times Indeed Storage Great Yarmouth 

It comes as a shock to everyone to have your home suddenly invaded by family, and it will take major adjustments by everyone, but it comes down to economics. Consider the fact that in the pre-Covid world, most of our adult children would be striving to further their careers after having studied hard. Some may be paying back study loans, maybe getting married, having their own children, and perhaps committing to a mortgage or a lease for accommodation. 

It’s a very difficult decision for them to make to have to now move back home with their parents. The idea of uprooting, the uncertainty of their work situation, and the stress of having to worry about keeping to the lockdown regulations to ensure that all family members stay healthy and Covid free, are just some of the many concerns affecting them. Then there is the financial stress of not having a stable income as well as worrying about the future. 

Some may feel it’s a step backwards, but everyone will hope that it is a temporary move, with life returning to normal before too long. People are facing up to this problem but unfortunately no one knows how long this situation will last. On top of it, everyone’s independence is impinged upon, with one and all feeling that their freedoms are taken away. Although they may feel grateful to their parents, there will need to be a lot of give and take to ensure harmony in the home. 

In the event that you need to make some space at home, and you decide to rent a self-storage unit, Stop & Store self storage Great Yarmouth is conveniently located to make your life easier. We offer indoor self-storage options ranging in size from 12 to 200 sq. ft for both short term and long-term rental. 

If you can’t visualize how much space you need, use our convenient Space Calculator on our website.  This will assist you, but if in doubt call us for assistance. Storage Great Yarmouth 

Once you have made the decision to store unnecessary household goods to make way for your incoming visitors, here are some pointers to keep your self-storage organized: 

  1. Place a tarpaulin on the floor of your unit to keep any moisture from penetrating stored boxes, even though good storage units should be moisture proof.
  2. Label your boxes and keep a detailed inventory. Pack in an orderly way so that you know where things are. By keeping a record of what is in which box, you will know where things are when you need them. The more detail you put on a label the better. 
  3. Record keeping is always helpful to keep control of your inventory. By making a record of the content of boxes, what you remove and when, you will always know what’s in your unit. 
  4. Group items together, such as all the bedroom, kitchen, or lounge things for ease of retrieval.
  5. Use bubble wrap to protect valuables and strong tape to seal boxes. The care you take with your packaging will determine how well your belongings keep while in storage.
  6. When you store boxes, put the heavy ones on the bottom and the light ones on top. Use strong boxes as all boxes tend to weaken over time when in storage. Leave a pathway for you to access your boxes in case you need something. 
  7. You may choose to add shelves to your storage unit to give yourself more space or to be better organized.  

Final Thoughts

It is a very difficult time for young people who feel they are putting their lives on hold. But hopefully, as soon as things stabilize, they will be able to move out and re-establish themselves. Every generation needs their space but unfortunately no one can predict when our lives will return to some sort of normal.   

Please feel free to visit and see our self-storage units for yourself at Stop & Store self storage Great Yarmouth if you need to create more space in your home for your loved ones. Our self- storage facility is clean and protected by state-of-the-art security to ensure that your belongings are stored safely. You can opt for short- or long-term storage, and you have access to your secure storage unit from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.

Please contact us on 01493 803991 for more information on self storage Great Yarmouth. We look forward to hearing from you.

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