How do you solve a space problem quickly and easily? This is a question often asked when you are jammed up with extra things in a confined space and need to clear the way for yourself. Whether it is excess camping gear, a quad bike, or household furniture, it need never be a difficult problem to solve. Cheap Storage in Fareham

The answer is simple. Self storage is there to provide a solution to the storage needs of businesses, householders, or students when the need arises to store excess goods.

Of course, there is a cost to everything, and we know that traditional leasing of space is costly and can be a difficult commitment to make. The good news is that self storage is the exact opposite: its cheap storage with no long term-commitment.

The pleasant surprise about self storage is the price, the security, and the terms. Stop & Store Fareham is one of the leading providers of self storage offering cheap storage for residents in the Fareham area.

But be warned! Don’t be tempted to make a decision on the service provider based on price only. Several other key factors should be taken into account over and above the price, which we will unpack further on.

About Stop & Store

When looking for a local self storage facility in Fareham look out for those with a good pedigree. Reputation and a sound track record is one of the key indicators of this.

Location is also important as you would not wish to have to travel too far to secure your goods. Our Fareham based storage facility has been positioned so that we could ensure that our storage units are within easy reach. We are to be found at Thackeray Mall, Unit C (First Floor) 26a, Fareham and is centrally situated for residents of Fareham, Porchester, and surrounding areas.

Our steel self storage units are monitored by CCTV cameras to provide the highest levels of security. They are clean and dry. All at this comes at a cheap storage price.

Storage Units

The other good news is that you can choose the size unit you want depending on how much you must store. Select from storage units from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft in size. You may want to store jewelry in a small unit or kitchen appliances like refrigerators and stoves or furniture in bigger units. These units are also suited to businesses wanting to receive, display and distribute stock and can be used as a mini business centre.

Store Inventory

We have observed entrepreneurs growing their businesses, when faced with the moment that stock levels are increasing so much, that more storage space was required.

The ease with which a self storage unit can accommodate a growing inventory, coupled with the affordability of the space, helps expanding young businesses overcome a storage problem seamlessly.

In addition to being a cheap storage solution, self storage is also not a commitment to a binding lease. Designed to provide the user with a month-to-month contract, it means that the growing business can move on when it outgrows the storage unit, or trade upwards to a bigger one when needed.

Work from Home

While working from home is an everyday occurrence, the advent of the change in work patterns happened so fast that many did not find adequate time to set up the home office properly.

To work in a well-organized clean and uncluttered space is well advised. So, there is always an opportunity for improving your home office. As the trend is likely to go on for a while, it may be advisable to clear out and store all unwanted furniture and other items that are clogging up the room.

One of the easiest and most affordable options is to put the unused goods into self-storage. Find the right sized cheap self storage unit and let it liberate your space and mind at home.

Keep Your Equipment Safe

Ask any contractor or tradesman, in construction, plumbing, electrics or any other similar profession: their equipment is the most important work and carefully guarded part of their lives.

Work tools are safely kept as they are needed every day. Their collections have been built up over time, and to lose any of them means that it will be an expensive loss to their business.

Therefore, many contractors and technical operators seek a safe place from which to work, store tools and know that this part of the business is secure.

As cheap storage, self storage offers this kind of security, and is also a convenient environment to establish a working area for a small business such as this.  Suited to plumbers, electricians, home improvement builders and renovators a self storage is a suitable area to operate and store equipment.

Self storage made Easy

But it’s not only about the price. Cheap storage can also lack some features that are important. There are some other factors to be considered. Like the month to month offering (don’t get yourself into a lease, it’s not what you want to do). Sign up electronically, there’s no long-term commitment or money tied up in a deposit.

Security Assured

Stop & Store’s sophisticated operating system has been developed to provide the best service levels possible. Our operating hours are 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm, so that we can serve your needs as well as we can.

The storage facility has a security system that prevents any intrusions by unauthorized persons, and customers are given a unique PIN code for door access control purposes.

Contact Us!

Finding cheap storage is simple. Self storage is the way to go. Whether you are storing stock for your business, clearing out a room for a home office or you are a student looking for a place to keep your stuff, this is the answer.

But it’s not only the fact that its affordable. You can sleep at night knowing that everything is safe. Best look at what Stop & Store has to offer: cost-effective storage solutions in the Fareham area.

We located at Thackeray Mall, Unit C (First Floor) 26a, Fareham, convenient for those in Fareham, Porchester, and surrounding areas.

Please contact us at 01329 556174 for more information. Look on our website for more information and see what our customers have to say about us. We look forward to helping you overcome your storage space problem.