The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’, especially if your business is showing an upward projectory and you need that extra space to operate efficiently. If you need space to store extra inventory, stock, or any range of items apart from where your main business office is, commercial self storage can solve this problem.

Commercial self storage is a cost effective way of getting extra space. It will save you money as instead of hiring a warehouse or extra office or retail space at great expense, renting a self storage unit is a much cheaper way of solving your lack of space problem.

So when your business is growing and you do not wish to disrupt your cash flow by hiring expensive storage space where you need to put down a hefty deposit, and where your rental is not necessarily fixed, commercial self storage is the way to go.

What can commercial self storage offer your business?

  • A growing business is obviously what any entrepreneur wants, but it can bring some challenges. If you are operating from home you may find your work spreading out into your living space or garage. This is not always welcomed by the other members of the house as their space gets encroached upon. On the other hand you may need to clear a room out to make space for your work from home office. This will mean needing to either get rid of the contents of that room or finding a place to store them. Commercial self storage can help in both cases, either by keeping your inventory safely, or by allowing you to free up space at home to accommodate your business.
  • Using a commercial self storage instead of warehousing will avoid cluttering up your home with stock. This is the most affordable option available and even if you have a commercial office or a retail outlet, you can still benefit from using a self storage unit instead of a warehouse. A further advantage is that a self storage facility such as Stop & Store Fareham is conveniently situated in the Thakeray Mall which is easily accessible. A warehouse may be further away, especially if you are unable to pay a premium for one that is closer to your place of work.
  • Mechanics, plumbers, franchise owners, and landscapers all have equipment and spare parts that take up a lot of space. These businesses seldom have an office though, unless it is a home office set up, so there is often the problem of where to store all this hardware. By using a self storage unit they can be assured that their expensive tools and other equipment is safe and secure in an accessible location. Not all equipment is required for every call, and what is not needed can be kept safely in storage.
    Renting a storage unit close to your work site to keep the tools of your trade will save you and your employees driving time. This means saving money on fuel and operating more efficiently. This is something every business owner is trying to do. If your contract is only for a few months it is possible to rent a storage unit for this short time and when the contract is finished, to move on to the next job and hire a unit near that one.
  • Retailers can benefit from hiring a storage unit near their store. Whether it is change of seasons when you need extra inventory and stock, or a sale that is coming up, it means you will have the space to store any stock you plan on buying in advance. Simply keep it in storage until you need it. A quick trip to the storage unit to fetch stock when something is selling fast is an added advantage of hiring a storage unit nearby.
    A storage unit is the ideal place to keep holiday décor, merchandising materials, pamphlets, and posters where these items can be kept safely and without getting damaged as they would be if packed away in an overcrowded storeroom at your store.
  • A commercial self storage unit is the ideal place to run your online store from. You can receive, pack up, and dispatch the merchandise you sell online. At Stop & Store Fareham we can receive your orders on your behalf, so you do not even need to be around all the time.

Why Choose Stop & Store Fareham for Your Business Storage

At Stop & Store Fareham we can assist you with any business storage problem you may encounter. It is a flexible solution and gives you the option of storing those difficult items safely instead of cluttering up your home with them.

  • Once you have decided to make use of a self storage unit for your merchandise, book and pay online for one of our units. Once we have received your payment we email you your individual PIN code which allows you immediate access to your unit. You can start moving your stuff in immediately.
  • The security systems we have in place at our facility are amongst the best in the business, so you can rest assured that your goods will be safe as our facility is protected by monitored CCTV cameras 7 days a week, intruder alarms, and limited access.
  • Our units are steel partitioned, lockable rooms and are dry and safe to keep your belongings from being damaged by moisture or pests.
  • Hire a unit for any of your short term or long term business storage needs. You do not have to sign any lengthy contracts or pay hefty deposits which makes us very flexible.  Our units vary in size from 12sq ft to 200sq ft, so whether you need to store something small like a few documents, or the contents of your workshop, you will find the right sized unit.
  • Please check out our website for the handy space calculator to assist you in choosing the correct sized unit. Otherwise please contact us.
  • We have real clients’ reviews on our website for your information.

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