Many people run their businesses from a small shop or even from home, but a problem arises when the amount of stock or merchandise you hold increases and you run out of space to store it. When your shop or home is reaching a bursting point with your merchandise, you need to consider alternatives for storing your goods. Business Storage Clacton

Traditional business storage solutions such as hiring space in a warehouse is an option but consider the ramifications. To hire such a space you would be required to sign a long-term lease, with an initial down payment of a deposit equal to or greater than one month’s rental. Additional charges for utilities would be added to this. Once your lease is signed, you are locked into it and you cannot change any of its conditions. You cannot end it early or downsize or upsize depending on how your business fares. Unfortunately, these costs will increase your overheads and ultimately affect the price of doing business which is something not every small business can afford.

An alternative to this expensive business storage option is to use a self storage facility. Stop & Store Clacton offers a flexible, cost-effective solution to your storage problems. Whatever your self-storage needs are, whether for business storage or for storage of belongings from your home, if you need a safe, secure space to store your goods, one of our storage units is a cost-effective, secure, and convenient option.

Commercial Customers who use Self Storage

The benefits of storing documents, merchandise and excess stock in a storage unit will save you money. You may not need as big a commercial space or office as the per sq ft rental cost of a storage unit is less than that of a commercial property. This translates into savings on rental, insurance, and utilities.

  • Professional companies such as building surveyors, solicitors and accountants are all required to archive their paperwork. These businesses are required to store official documents for at least six years, and these have to be stored safely and securely. So, instead of taking up valuable, expensive office space, a self storage facility is a cost-effective option for archive storage.
  • If you operate an online business, you can use your storage unit as a distribution centre to receive, store, and pack products to ship to your customers. More and more businesses are selling their products on Amazon and eBay because of the lockdown, and it makes commercial sense to operate from a storage unit rather than rent retail or office space. Your deliveries can be accepted on your behalf, so you need not be physically present all the time.
  • Storage units around the country are used by national appliance maintenance  companies and franchises to store spare parts and specialised tools. This gives the machine and appliance engineers a cost-effective storage option as well as to give easy access to spares and tools they may need for their repairing businesses or franchises.
  • Photographers and printing and framing companies can store their spare canvasses and other stock near to where their stores are in shopping centres, high streets, or even if they work from home.  This can apply to other holders of concessions such as clothing retailers, hair salons and any other business that need the convenience of secure business storage near their retail outlets.
  • Freelancers and tradesmen that work from a van such as decorators, painters, garden service providers, plumbers or electricians can use a storage unit as a secure base from which to operate. It allows them to store their tools and working materials safely. They only need to pack the essential materials for a particular job, which not only makes their operation more efficient and organised but could also mean being able to use a smaller cheaper van if they do not need to carry unnecessary tools and materials to every job.
  • If you sell at markets or at pop-up stores, self storage is an ideal solution for solving the problem of where to store all your merchandise safely. Easy access to your unit enables quick packing and unpacking which is important for this type of business. You would also need to be able to access your unit over weekends and after hours.
  • Clothing wholesalers need a place to keep their collections safely in a clean environment before shipping them out to retailers. A self storage unit is ideal for storing seasonal collections, because if there is no stock, you can give up the unit, and then hire again when you need it for the new season’s collections.

Why use Stop & Store Clacton for Business Storage

Our self-storage facility offers easy access to load and unload your goods. We are perfectly located to service Clacton and the surrounding areas.

  • Our state-of-the-art operating system is focused on making the customer experience as simple and efficient as possible, from the time of your initial enquiry to your reservation and move. Once you have reserved your unit, we email you your access code and you are good to go.
  • You can cancel your storage unit with just fourteen days’ notice before the end of the month. If you join during the month, you pay a pro-rate for the rest of the month. You can lease one of our units from one month to as long as you need.
  • No deposit required. Unlike traditional warehousing where you have to put down a hefty deposit which may affect your cash flow, our self storage units do not require a deposit.
  • Our units vary in size from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft, so whatever you need to store, we have the correct size for you. If you find you need more space, or if you need to downsize your unit, we offer the flexibility of making the transfer with no penalties.
  • Our units are modern, lockable, steel partitioned rooms.
  • The storage facility is fully secured with monitored CCTV,  and the units are individually alarmed. We also have intruder alarms. You can rest assured that your goods will be safe and secure.
  • We offer specials on some of our units so please check on our website.
  • We offer cost-effective storage for a variety of clients, including private residents as well as businesses and students in Clacton and the surrounding areas.

Please contact us at 01255 446174  for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.