Our clients are not restricted to householders that need to store their excess belongings. Many also come from the business community who are realizing that using a self storage unit for their business storage needs can help add to their bottom line. They are realizing that paying office rent rates or retail space rates for their excess items that could otherwise be stored in a storage facility makes sense. Not many businesses have enough storage space for samples, extra inventory, seasonal supplies, and space for archiving all that paperwork that needs to be kept, sometimes for many years. These items all need to be kept securely in an organised, secure environment so that they are available as soon as they are needed.

A storage unit for business storage can be rented at a much lower rate than traditional storage spaces such as warehouses or extra office and retail space. There is no need for long term leases, or for large deposits, which could remove vital cash flow from a company. At Stop & Store Fareham we offer short or long-term agreements with no leases and no deposit required. More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of using self storage as opposed to signing costly leases.

It is important to store your goods and inventory properly though, as the objective of storage is to be able to retrieve your goods when you need them. You will want to be as organised and professional as possible with the way you set up your storage.

Making the Most of Business Storage

Here are some tips for businesses who are overwhelmed with documents at the office but need to archive hard copies of their files for legal reasons.

  • Your first step is to make a list of the items you wish to store. Every business is different, but anything you do not need on a day-to-day basis could potentially be stored. Those old documents that need to be kept for tax purposes, or for any other reason can safely be packed for storage.
  • Once you have decided what to store, you will need to choose a correct sized  storage unit.
  • Packing efficiently is important to avoid damaging anything. We recommend new cardboard boxes as opposed to ones that you source from a grocery store. The used ones are weaker but also may harbour pests such as moths that can cause havoc if they get into your paper documents. Plastic bins are the best in that they will keep moisture out, as well as any pests that may find their way in through packaging materials.
  • Organise your unit by packing your files in a logical order and create a map to keep track of everything you are placing into storage. Make a list of the items you are storing and the dates you store them, and update this inventory list every time you move anything in or out. This will allow you to keep track of every item or document stored and allow you to retrieve it easily should you need it for auditing purposes in the future.
  • If you need to, put up shelves to make the storage of files and documents simpler. This will also allow you to make full use of the vertical space of the unit.

 Making Use of Business Storage

There are may ways business storage can be used to reorganize your business. Every business has to consider the budget and it is not always possible to move to a larger retail space or hire an expensive warehouse when you run out of storage space. You will pay far less per month by hiring a storage unit, and you will gain the space you need and save your cash flow.

  • Retailers can use self storage units to store seasonal inventory to allow for easy rotation. They can store excess inventory for peak seasons. Seasonal decorations and promotional material all can be stored in a storage unit until they are needed, instead of cluttering up your small storeroom where they can get ruined and torn.
  • If a business is planning a renovation or redecorating, self storage is ideal to keep office furniture and equipment out of harms way while the operations are under way.
  • If you are moving to a new office, or downsizing, a self storage unit is perfect to keep office furniture and equipment while your move is underway.
  • When you are setting up a home office, store excess furniture from your house in a unit to make space for your office desk and other equipment. The unit will also work as a space to store any business supplies you may need without cluttering up your home.
  • If you have no space at the office for any of your unused electronics or office furniture, store them in self storage to free up valuable office space.
  • Your E-commerce or online business can use self storage units to receive and store goods, pack, and dispatch them, knowing that your stock is safe and secure from theft and is not cluttering up your home. Stop & Store Fareham offers to accept your packages when they are delivered so you don’t even have to be there for these deliveries.
  • Tradesmen can benefit from hiring a self storage unit to store the tools of their trade safely. These tools are expensive to replace, and a self storage unit is much safer than keeping them in your garage at home where they could easily be stolen. Setting up your unit with a workstation and shelves to store your tools is a cost-effective alternative to hiring expensive space.

Why Stop & Store Fareham

Our storage facility is centrally situated in the Fareham Shopping Centre, which is in the centre of town which is perfect to solve your business storage problems. With easy access to load and offload your goods, it offers a great alternative to organise your business from.

We offer superior security with monitored CCTV coverage, and when you sign up and pay we send you an individual PIN number for your access.

There are no long term contracts to sign and no large deposits are required, making it a great option for any businessman to store and access their belongings.

Tel: 01329 556174