If you are wondering where to find budget storage, self storage is an answer to your problem. Storage needn’t be expensive, nor should it be a burden to arrange with lengthy leases and big deposits tied up. This is what self storage offers you: simple, straightforward no-frills secure storage.

Finding a budget storage solution requires looking for a reputable self storage facility near you that offers clean, secure well priced storage that suits your requirements.

Cumbria is fortunate to have a top-class storage facility in the form of Stop & Store Penrith, conveniently located just a few miles out of the City on the A66.

Storage needn’t be costly. When looking for budget storage, the quality of the storage facility is equally as important with security and customer service right up there with the right price for you.

To assess your storage and to be able to imagine how much will fit into the space self storage offers, we would like to offer you some tips and advice on the subject.

What to Budget for

When working out your budget you will have to know beforehand how much you would like to store. Its advisable to know and to be able to visualize storage space upfront to be able to work out how much you will be needing.

When doing your homework to find the best solution for you here are some pointers:

  • Prices for a particular size unit are usually expressed for a month’s duration.
  • Sizes are measured in sq ft, this calculated by multiplying the length and the breadth of the self storage unit.
  • Look for special offers that are designed to benefit you when you store for a prolonged period.
  • Ask for a special price if you intend using self storage for a protracted period.

There are often incentives when you use the self storage units for more than two months, so be on the lookout for a special offer which could be as much as a 50% discount for the first two months.

This amounts to a whole month of free storage.  This is certainly a great incentive which is designed to help your budget storage ambitions be realized.

Self Storage Factors

It’s not only the cost of budget self storage that is important in determining which facility to use, but also to look at the added benefits the provider gives. At Stop & Store Penrith there are many extras:

  • Long access hours every day of the week.
  • 24/7 CCTV to assure complete safety.
  • Store business equipment or documents, household goods or student belongings
  • Only you have access to your unit with your own locks and key.
  • Well positioned for easy access
  • Thermal insulation to keep the storage unit at ambient temperature.

Other important considerations when you are looking for self storage are:

  • How friendly and professional the staff are and how willing are they to help you.
  • The location of the self storage facility in relation to the main arterial routes and levels of traffic in town.
  • The security in place and how the self storage units are monitored.
  • Are the self storage units free from moisture and are they dry?
  • Ask about the pest control measures in place.
  • Reviews are a particularly good indication of what past customers have to say: take note on the website or elsewhere on the internet.
  • How long can you rent for and what are your obligations.

Storage Calculations

The advantage of budget self-storage is that you can use it to make space for yourself at home or in your office on a small budget and make your new space work for you in another way. This could be to accommodate someone extra in the house, rent out a room, or to be able to convert a garage into a flatlet.

While self storage units do come in different sizes generally, let’s consider the average size as is the one at Stop & Store Penrith to be able to imagine how much can fit into such a unit.

In a 60 sq foot unit, you will be able to accommodate a one bedroomed house of two rooms, storing the contents of a living room, the kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom.

Of course, this excludes any extra bulky items such as large couches or garden furniture which would mean you’d have to find some extra space over and above the 60 sq ft unit.

Also, it’s advisable to pack carefully in order to maximize the use of your space. There is an art to packing, which will help you to be able to access your goods and find any items easily when you need to.

Hidden Costs

Be warned that it is not only the rental cost that you should take into account when you are calculating your budget storage. Some of the hidden extras are as follows:

  • Get a few quotes for moving your items into self storage. The amount you would need to budget for will depend on how far and how big the load is.
  • Good packaging, such as double walled cardboard cartons, bubble wrap to secure the contents and masking tape to seal the boxes should be included.
  • Adequate insurance to cover any eventuality whether during storage or in transit just to be sure.
  • Buy a good lock for the door of the storage unit to ensure absolute safety.

At Stop & Store Penrith it is easy to acquire a budget self storage unit to suit your needs. Arranging the unit can be done online without you having to leave home. Once you have sent us your details, we fill in a contract for you to sign. After payment has been received, we provide you with access.

Feel free to call us during office hours.

Call today for a no obligation quotation on 01768 800291 and speak to a staff member at Stop & Store Penrith.