Self storage offers you the freedom to pack and arrange your budget storage unit to suit yourself when you rent a storage unit for either your personal or business belongings. A storage unit is usually rented out on a month-to-month basis, and you have access to your goods at any time that the location is open. You can also remove or add items to your stored items whenever you like.

As far as budget storage is concerned, what you pay depends on the size of the unit you need and often storage facilities will offer specials to customers who need longer-term storage. At Stop & Store Fareham we run specials on our different sized units, so the best is to check for these on our website. Self storage is a cost-effective way of storing your excess personal or business belongings and works out much cheaper than hiring traditional warehousing, full-service storage units, or extra retail space.

  • One of the frequently asked questions is whether it is worth paying for budget self storage.

After all, isn’t it easier to squash your clutter and excess belongings into every available space in your home and learn to live with the mess? Or if you have a retail shop and you have seasonal inventory that you need to store, pack it into the aisles of your store or wherever it will fit? As far as your store is concerned, there is no quicker way to discourage customers than having a shop floor that is disorganised and messy, where they find it impossible to browse. A messy store also makes it more difficult for you to detect pilferage and shoplifting, so you may land up with more losses than normal.

The answer to a cluttered and messy home is to hire a self storage unit where you can safely store your excess belongings and furniture that you do not wish to get rid of permanently, until you need them. The same applies for when you need extra storage space for your stock and inventory for your retail outlet. Hiring a unit in a storage facility will pay for itself as you will keep your shop organised and inviting to customers, and this will serve to discourage any shoplifting and stock loss.

  • Another frequently asked question is how do you solve the problem of lack of space, either at home or at your business, quickly and easily?

You may find that you are faced with the problem of extra things that need storing, such as seasonal clothing, holiday equipment that only gets used once a year, and extra furniture that you do not wish to get rid of permanently. Self storage is the answer to these storage problems. You can hire and pay for a unit online and clear out the excess stuff into it in a day. The beauty of self storage is that there is no long-term commitment to make that traditional leasing of space requires. It is a cost-effective alternative and offers you the peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and secure.

  • How can budget self storage help when you are moving to a new address is another question that is frequently asked.

This is actually one of the most common reasons for hiring a self storage unit. Often the dates of moving out of your old address and moving into the new do not coincide. This also happens if you are between leases or even a student who needs to move back home when your student accommodation is closed because of Covid. You can hire a unit for as short a time as one month while you wait, and you can be sure that your furniture and other goods are safely stored. If you are uncertain about the size unit you need, try the handy space calculator on our website. This will give you a good idea of how much furniture you can fit into one of our units.

  • How can self storage help when I wish to renovate my home?

If you are carrying out extensive renovations that will take a few months, you will experience much less stress if you move your furniture and appliances out of the way. Take your goods to a self storage unit nearby and remove the anxiety that your belongings will be damaged by dust and careless workmen. Even if you are redecorating and not necessarily breaking out walls, this could still take a few weeks, and self storage may be the convenient solution to keeping your goods safe and free from damage.

  • Are you looking for space for those items only used for a few months at a time, or during the holidays?

These can include bulky camping gear or ski equipment that is only used at vacation time or during winter. This is expensive equipment that needs to be stored carefully and not just shoved into a cupboard or put carelessly in a garage. Once you at home after your camping or skiing holiday, make sure that your tents, beds, camping fridges, fishing rods, skis and even bulky jackets and other items of clothing are clean and dry. Pack them up securely and take them to your self storage unit where they will be safe until you need them again. Nothing will get lost with everything stored in one place.

  • Is there a complicated procedure to book and pay, are there leases to be signed and deposits to be paid?

At Stop & Store Fareham our state-of-the-art operating system is simple, quick, and you can hire a unit from wherever you are on your computer or your mobile. You book and pay online, and once you have paid; we email you your individual PIN access code. You can access your unit immediately. There are no deposits to be paid, and no lengthy leases or contracts to be signed. You choose whether you want a short or long-term rental. You can access your unit during our hours of operation which are between 8am and 6pm, 24/7. It is as simple as that.

These are some of the FAQ’s that may help you realise how to make self storage work for you. We at Stop & Store Fareham have made self storage as simple as possible and offer budget storage within the reach of everyone.

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