Summer is a time to display all your leisure accessories and bring out your extras for entertainment. Sometimes we regret that summer is shorter than we’d like, but there is little we can do about it. Is there? Self Storage Unit Penrith

Even the thought of having to buckle down for autumn as the weather changes is not something we all enjoy, because it means the fun days are over. Have you ever thought about what to do with your summer toys and equipment and how to prepare them for the long cold season ahead?

Well, this is where self storage comes in to play, as it’s a perfect place to put everything and get them out of the way when not in use.

The reason for this is that self storage is a safe storage option, and it’s a source of extra space that helps keep everything secure and in good condition until you need them again. Of course, some good pre-preparation would go a long way to ensure that they stay that way.

At Stop & Store Penrith our self storage units are designed to provide our customers with the ideal storage environment, not to mention the complete safety that we assure you of for the time that your goods are stored with us.

Preparing End of Season Items for Storage

So, the winter days will be on their way and there will be a host of items that you won’t be using until the weather warms up. What better way than to get them out of the way and put them into storage.

Putting items into storage that have not been properly prepared for their stay could lead to problems going forward, and although you may want to blame the storage facility, the fault could be yours. Let’s give you some examples:

  • Garden equipment

Ok your mower and garden accessories have done their job, and in the cold weather your garden normally shuts down and they are not needed. The garden shed could be a storage solution, but there are still extremes of temperature and the safety aspect to be considered.

Preparing the garden equipment for hibernation means cleaning everything and perhaps considering a light layer of oil on metal surfaces to prevent rust and protect them from outside influences.

  • Water equipment and accessories

You are probably not going to need your fun stuff like the jet ski, pool loungers and accessories for a while, but its best to ensure that they are clean and completely dry before you pack them away into storage. Expect your self storage unit will be perfectly dry and ready for you. Any mould that could occurs normally happens when the client brings an item into storage that is not completely dry, so watch out for this.

  • Be Careful with Appliances 

The chance that your appliances may be damaged in self storage are nil at a good storage facility. This is because of the great emphasis made on pest awareness and control. Should there be an infestation of pests in invariably occurs when the blighters take a ride with the appliance into the self storage unit.

The message is clear folks, check your appliances for cleanliness and ensure that there are no leftover traces of food on them to attract pests.

What Don’t you Need at End of Season?

The outdoors activities may have come to an end or at best may be restricted to the few good days that winter may serve up. This means that your list of what you really need at end of season should be carefully considered.

The first advantage of storing them off site is that they are out of the way. However, the location of your self storage unit is also key. Imagine having your storage unit accessible to you as and when you need it? It’s one of the important factors in choosing the storage location.

It’s no use traveling miles to collect something that you need from the self storage unit, is it? Choose one that is in your proximity. At Stop & Store Penrith its position was carefully considered in the establishment of our self storage facility in Cumbria. After all, making a storage unit that is easy to get to, is what all customers want.

Best make a list that you want to store and contact the self storage facility to choose the right sized storage unit to suit your requirements.

Prepare, Pack and Move

One you have decided what you want out of the way, get moving and do it. We’ve mentioned the preparation aspect and highlighted its importance. Once you have decided which storage facility you are going to use, ask them about packing materials.

A reputable one will put you in the right direction and assist you to ensure that the packing materials used are compliant and will provide your goods with the maximum protection.

Many a slip has occurred at this point, so be aware that packing and moving are as important as any other stage in the removal into storage.

Good packing means using the right packing materials like double corrugated cardboard or solid plastic sealable containers. Consider using those that are mobile and have wheels to help you lighten the load and get your items mobile.

Furniture Storage: What to Consider

Here we are talking about that comfy patio furniture that has given you so many relaxing hours in the summer months. You would want to keep this in pristine condition, rather than expose the materials to the harshness of winter.

Wrapping is most important in this case, using tarpaulins or similar weather-proof covers for protection. By doing so the life of your outside furniture will be extended and their condition guaranteed for next summer. 

Lastly the move. Our advice at Stop & Store is to leave this to the professionals. Once you have contacted us, we will allocate you the right sized unit and the rest is simple. A professional removal company will store everything for you. 

Arranging the rental of the self storage unit is dead easy: do it online or by calling us.

Our contact details are as follows:

Telephone number: 01768 800291