One of the best things about the outdoors is the healthy environment with fresh air and wide-open spaces. When you combine the outdoors with good exercise it’s a double bonus. And doing it on a bicycle will bring you more joy than you imagined.

Cyclists are generally known to be fit people, somewhat calm and relaxed because of their regular participation in cycling. Those that have been cycling for a long time will have fond stories of routes and fine scenery that they have experienced in their lives when cycling.

The Lakes area is the perfect place to combine adventure, nature and healthy activities like hiking or cycling. Here, the outdoors is so well suited to this kind of exercise, and cycling is an extremely popular pastime in the area around Penrith and the Lake District National Park.

Keeping your bicycle safe is naturally a concern of all cyclists. Starting out as a newbie you may not spend a lot on a bike, but as time goes on and cycling gets more into one’s blood, upgrades to more expensive bicycles are a common occurrence.

Keeping bicycles secure is one of our responsibilities at Stop & Store Penrith. Self storage offers one of the best options for cyclists and those adventurers using similar equipment when coming to the Cumbria. Also, it’s cheap storage in the Lakes area that makes it so convenient for those who wish to leave their bikes with us when on holiday, retrieving them when they return.

Storing equipment like a bike the correct way is important. Preparation is often not something that is given a lot of thought, and considering the expense of bikes these days, its advisable to do everything according to the book to ensure their safety and to guarantee their perfect condition when returning for them.

The Joy of Adventure

Visitors are encouraged to park their cars in the Lake District and explore the beauty of the natural surrounds on foot or on a bike. Cycling is perhaps the best way to get around here and to use the pathways that have been designed to take visitors to some of the most amazing spots that the Lake District is known for.

Time seems to stand still here, and all the stress of the city seems to drain from the body when in the outdoors. Before you know it a day of exercise has been completed, as nature draws you in and tempts you to explore more and more.

It’s a great family adventure too, with everyone being able to keep up, and for some it will be a feeling of achievement when a certain milestone is reached, or a peak has been climbed.

In the quiet moments when bonding with nature there is an opportunity to “blue sky” and think about things that normally you don’t have the time or opportunity to be able to do. Besides the new challenges and bonding with family and friends the outdoors also is a great way to exercise and is good for the body.

Cycling: How it Benefits the Body

There are many benefits to cycling, most notably is the way it gets the heart rate going. This in turn stimulates an increased blood flow which is good for the heart and lungs. Besides helping lower the risk of heart disease, cycling is also good on the muscles, keeping you in tone.

The muscles will start to firm up and maintain a good definition when you cycle regularly. This helps strengthen them and with it your maneuverability generally. Cyclists enjoy a certain amount of benefit for a weight point of view, as cycling assists keep weight down by burning fat in the process.

Burning fat and toning muscle at the same time come from the resistance component that cycling offers and has a direct benefit on the strength of the legs. The upper body also benefits, but the big winner is the mind. Cycling helps create a positive way of looking at things and becomes away of life when done regularly.

Bike Storage: Best Ways to Store Bicycles

Before storing a bicycle it’s best to prepare it first for storage.

Tyres should be inflated, especially if the storage is going to be for long term. It’s also never an idea to store a bike on the ground, particularly on concrete. Invest in a cover for your bike, it will protect it against the outside elements.

No matter how often you use your bike, whether every day, once a week or occasionally, you have to find a place to store it.

Next, choose a suitable place to keep your bike. This could be a garage or basement. For complete safety a self storage unit is the best option. As a bicycle can be a costly asset, it’s best to protect it by not being penny wise and pound foolish and paying a little extra for its secure storage. Theft is the biggest enemy of a bicycle and there seems to be a ready market for a stolen bike.

In the process of storing your bike don’t forget to keep the accessories like the helmets and locks handy as well. Store them in a drawstring bag with your bike.

Bike Storage and Leisure Equipment in Penrith

If you need storage for your bikes and other leisure equipment in Penrith, Stop & Store is your place.

Here are some good ways to store a bike:

  • On a pulley system attached to a rafter of the roof. The wheels can attach to the hooks of the pulley system.
  • A simple U-shaped hook can be screwed into the ceiling rafter: just ensure that it is strong enough to take the weight of the bike.
  • A bike rack that attaches to the wall can be used to make use of wall space and keep the bicycle off the ground.

Whatever you choose these are good ways to store your bike.

If you need self storage for your equipment in Cumbria, give us a call on 01768 800291 or find us on