Furniture and appliances are one of the biggest investments in a house and need to always look smart. Care needs to be taken when the time comes to move or to store them. There are a lot of things to consider when doing so, and some of them may be overlooked in the process of furniture storage and appliance storage.

Moving and storage require some preparation and planning to make sure that these items go into storage with the proper protection and come out on the other side in perfect condition. This is a three-way task involving yourself and how you prepare everything, who you use for the move and lastly the choice of storage facility that you ultimately select.

As you will see, by making the right decisions your storage experience will flow seamlessly and your goods will enjoy maximum protection. We hope this short guide will help you when you next need to store your furniture or appliances.

Stop & Store Penrith is perfectly placed in Cumbria with self storage units of ideal size and access for furniture storage and appliance storage. While both are bulky and sometimes awkward to move, our insulated containers are designed to provide easy access for offloading and reloading. In addition, the safety of the stored goods is assured through the strict security measures that are in place.

However, before going ahead with the furniture storage and appliance storage, we advise you to heed some good advice.

Preparation of Furniture and Appliances for Storage

One of the most important considerations when it comes to the storage of items like couches, chairs, refrigerators is that there must be no moisture in the item at all. It is also recommended that you store these items after you have cleaned them thoroughly which could mean that you’d have to wash them and dry them completely.

There is always the danger of mould when storing something that’s wet, and as it’s something that is often overlooked and invisible when passive, it can become a real threat to the quality of furniture when stored for a while.

Even when they are dry, the advent of rain on the day could result in them getting wet. So, it is essential to protect them from getting wet by covering them well with rain proofing. As chances of rain are good on many days of the year, it’s wise to prepare in advance just to be sure.

Ensure freezers and fridges are totally dry when going into storage by defrosting them early and drying them off. Water could also cause rust to working parts if the appliance stands for a period.

Long Term or Short term: What to Consider

The length of period you would wish to store the goods should not influence the preparation. Whether you are doing a long-term storage or short-term storage the same rules apply. It’s important to follow all the procedures. For furniture it is a good idea to take the parts that protrude and try and remove them for more efficient storage. By this we mean mirrors, or legs that when removed could make storage easier and more effective.

After you have covered all thoroughly with a protective cover such as a tarpaulin or a plastic cover, it’s ready for storage. Decide whether you will need long term or short-term storage. Even though the rentals run month to month, there could be a discount on offer for long term storage, depending on your storage facility you choose.

By describing the term “short term’ it’s generally thought to mean two months or less, often needed when you are in a situation such as doing a renovation or have a need to keep things for a short while.

How To Find a Suitable Storage Facility

In order to find a good storage facility nearby, you should be able to get the correct answer by asking the right questions. As size does count in this instance, make sure your storage facility can accommodate bulky items like furniture and appliances.

The self storage unit ideally should be big enough for you to stand in, and long enough to park a small car. This sort of size will accommodate the contents of a small apartment.

Security is the number one consideration of the service provider. A good storage facility will have a modern security system such as CCTV which you’d expect to be monitored day and night.

Access to the storage facility should only be for those that have a rental unit which means that access control is tight and assured by the storage company.

Terms vary from one storage facility to another, but you should never expect to pay more than a month at a time, and you could expect a mid-month start to be prorated to your advantage.

Now that you have prepared for the storage, a reputable moving company will help you relocate your goods. It’s advisable to be involved on the day of the move so that you can give the movers access and also be on hand to manage the packing of your self storage unit so that you know where everything is.

Stack properly so that nothing gets damaged when in storage.

Self Storage for Bulky Items

When you need to furniture storage or appliance storage, consider the preparation that will prepare the items for storage.

Bulky items such as these require ample space, which is why they are ideally suited to self storage. A storage facility like ours at Stop & Store Penrith has individual steel containers that are thermally lined to protect the contents. They are designed with security in mind and protected across the entrance by a heavy steel door which accommodates your two locks,

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