The life a freelancer leads isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For those who prefer a steady job and a stable home environment, freelancing isn’t for them. When it comes to work though, the adrenalin and wide range of interesting things that a freelancer does is often the envy of everyone.

Just one of the many challenges faced by a freelancer is the worry about all their possessions when they are away from home. This happens often during assignments that take the freelancer far away, sometimes to exotic locations. Here we will see what benefits self storage provides freelancers and learn a little more about their interesting lifestyles.

Freelancing embraces many different disciplines and the nature of the kind of work that they do is similar. They are not employed by any company and are free to take on the work they choose from any client that needs their services. It means too that they are free to travel and work from anywhere they choose.

Freelancing is a way of life and offers many benefits. Choosing a county lifestyle is one of them. Here in the Cumbria area Stop & Store Penrith offers self storage unit rentals for freelancers who wish to live their dream without any storage worries.

Whether relocating from a city or downsizing, the one sure benefit to the freelancer living in a country setting is the availability of space for storage at short notice.

Advantages of Being a Freelancer

One of the biggest advantages of being an independent worker, who is free to pick and choose as the heart desires, is the flexibility of the working hours. Being their own boss, they are only guided by a deadline for each job. This means that they can work when they feel like it and are not bound to a nine-to-five routine. If they want to work weekends they can, and if they want the morning off that’s also ok.

By putting their services out there they are exposed to a wide variety of interesting assignments that a normal job probably wouldn’t offer.

Another advantage is that they are sole traders who are not embroiled in the push-and-shove politics of the office. Nor do they have to undertake the daily grind of traffic and those kinds of routines.

With all these benefits one would think there would be more freelancers around. But as we will see the worry of where the money will come from next month has something to do with it.

Disadvantages of Being a Freelancer

One downside of being a freelancer has to do with income security. Firstly, not being in formal employment means no employer assistance or benefits such as insurance and pension schemes. Also, a freelancer has to work out their own tax issues. This means a freelancer must be up to date with the tax laws and make sure they are compliant.

With it comes pressure too, not all goes to plan all the time, for example missing a deadline causes a pressure situation. Remember that a freelancer works on their own, there is no one else to help them. This could also bring a certain amount of loneliness to their lives.

More stress comes in the form of having to do administration. Getting money out of clients is not always plain sailing and it’s not like just getting a cheque at the end of the month from an employer. In the end, rent and other commitments need to be paid, which brings with it extra pressure.

On top of it all, freelancers such as those who are journalists travel frequently. This means being away from home and away from the things around them.

Keeping Freelancers’ Valuable Equipment Secure in Self Storage

Clients use freelancers for their creative skills and take them on for assignments on a need basis. It means that the freelancer must supply all the tools for the job and complete the assignment within a given period of time.

Freelancing is particularly renowned in specific fields like photography and journalism. This includes making advertisements, films, tourism brochures, and writing articles. Freelancers also establish themselves in the planning and delivery of events, supplying food, music, and other forms of entertainment.

They are heavily invested in valuable equipment to deliver their services and these need to be kept secure. Of all the storage options available to a freelancer, self storage is one of the safest. A self storage rental is a lock-up-and-go that serves as a perfect solution to storage safety worries.

Going Solo: What Does it Take?

Those that are considering making a change to their work routines need not think that becoming a freelancer is opting out. On the contrary, it may be the start of a new life. To be a freelancer a strong mindset is required, and down the line, it can be a passport to a much more interesting life ahead.

A clever way to start is to polish your own portfolio and get it up to date. Show off the excellent work you have done already so that when the time comes to make the change you are ready. Next, look at the potential source of clients and get your name out there.

It takes confidence to become a freelancer and if you know that in the beginning there may be good and tough times, then that’s half the battle won. One thing is for sure, you don’t need a lot of space, so if the change coincides with a move, using self storage is the most sensible thing to do.

Contact a Reputable Self Storage Facility

As a freelancer, secure storage could be an essential part of your business. There is no need to consider entering into lengthy leases with other types of storage. All that needs to be done as a freelancer is to make contact with a reputable self storage facility nearby.

By keeping everything in one place, out of sight from prying eyes, equipment and other valuable tools of the trade will be completely safe. The storage facility will have gated access, which is strictly controlled, and only you will have the keys to your self storage unit.

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