To get the most out of your storage unit it is important to keep it tidy and organised. It is worth investing some time and thought into how you will pack your storage unit when you move your stuff in to prevent it from becoming a disorganised mess where you cannot find anything. Luckily there are some tips you can follow to prevent that from happening.

Decide on the size of the unit that you need. You don’t want to hire one that is too big as you pay per sq ft, so any wasted space is a waste of money. The size will to a large extent be determined by what you wish to store.

Preparing Your Storage Unit

No matter what you are storing, you will want to ensure that there is no damage to your goods done by pests or moisture. Both of these can cause extensive damage to your belongings.

Choosing the right facility is important, so check the surrounds out for general cleanliness.

Clean the unit by sweeping and mopping it. Place tarpaulin on the ground, or place your boxes on pallets, so that your goods do not sit directly on the concrete. This will keep them dry just in case there is any moisture that may build up under your boxes.

Install shelving units along the walls to make full use of the height of the unit. These will also make accessing your boxes easier.

If possible invest in clear plastic storage boxes to pack your goods into. It will make it easier for you to see what is inside your boxes. Cardboard boxes are cheaper, but they are not as strong. If you are using cardboard boxes make sure that they are new ones because if you get used ones from the grocery store their strength has been compromised by being second hand. Worse, they may be infested with the eggs of pests such as moths which will hatch out and start feeding on your belongings.

How To Pack Your Belongings for Your Storage Unit

The main objective here is to make sure that your belongings are not damaged whilst in storage, so they need to be packed up carefully.

  • When storing furniture it is important to make sure that it is cleaned and dusted thoroughly before storage. Disassemble any furniture items that you can. Take apart beds, tables, and any chairs. Wrap table tops in bubble wrap or blankets and store them upside down. You can place other pieces of furniture between the legs. Cover all furniture with towels, sheets, and duvets to protect against scratching and denting. You can store items such as clothing in the drawers of chests or wardrobes.
  • As far as clothes are concerned, make sure that they are washed and dried properly to prevent any mildew from forming. Pack them in boxes, suitcases, or in wardrobes. Expensive suits, dresses, and other garments can be hung in garment bags and stored hanging up on a special garment rail on wheels. Put moth balls or the equivalent in with your clothes to keep moths out.
  • When you plan to store your appliances such as the fridge, microwave, washing machines or driers, it is important that they are clean and dry to prevent the formation of mould. Definitely make sure that there is no leftover food anywhere as this will attract unwanted vermin as well as go bad and smell awful.
  • Antiques and other fragile items such as glasses, mirrors, pictures, and crockery will need to be wrapped in bubble wrap or paper before being packed into boxes. Make sure that the boxes are not too heavy so that you can move them easily. You can fill gaps with towels and dishcloths to make the items secure. Remember to mark all your boxes ‘Fragile’ and make a note of the contents so you know where everything is stored.
  • Electronics such as TVs, computers, tablets, and other gadgets can easily be damaged if they are not packed carefully before being stored. If you have the original boxes, store them in those, otherwise wrap them in sheets to keep them dust free. Remove the cords and cables, place them in a separate waterproof bag and mark them so you know what belongs to which gadget.
  • Books are really heavy to store so pack them in smaller boxes to make them easier to handle. They are very vulnerable to damage by any moisture or pests that manage to find their way into the unit so use packets of silica and insect repellents to protect them.

How to Pack Your Storage Unit

Once you have prepared your storage unit and packed up your belongings, here are some considerations when you pack your unit to keep it organised and to be able to find stuff easily.

  • Use detailed labels on your boxes so that you know at a glance what is in each box.
  • Place items you won’t be needing any time soon at the back of your storage unit and the ones you need to access sooner at the front.
  • Leave a path down the middle of the storage unit so that you can maneuver your way around easily.
  • Remember to pack lighter boxes on the top of heavy boxes so that your boxes don’t collapse. Don’t use plastic bags to pack your belongings in as these tend to disintegrate, leaving your stuff in a mess.

A Storage Unit at Stop & Store Fareham can Help You

Our storage facility is there to help you when you need to hire a storage unit to store your belongings safely. Our units are secure, safe, and dry and our facility is conveniently situated in the Fareham Shopping Centre, in the heart of the town, offering you easy access to load and unload your goods.

We offer a variety of sizes of units, and by using our handy space calculator you can select the correct size for your needs.

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