Are you a landlord renting out a few properties? You may not be aware, but a self storage unit could solve many of your operational problems. Consider that self storage offers a service to landlords whereby they rent affordable storage spaces to keep items such as extra furniture, appliances that are not in use, seasonal equipment, and more. This could provide you with the answer to how to keep your tenants happy by making sure that your properties are kept in shape. If your properties look their best, there will be no problem finding new tenants either.

As a landlord, a self storage unit could be very useful to the running of your property rental business. Here are some of the problems that you may encounter that could easily be solved by hiring a storage unit.

  1. Use it as a place to keep duplicate furniture pieces, appliances, and replacement items. If you have a collection of properties that you rent out, you need to be prepared for requests from your tenants as soon as they have a problem with their rental property. If there is a fridge that breaks down or a TV that is playing up, you can be sure that they will be bombarding you with their requests for the items to be replaced or fixed. Having a place to keep replacements for some of these will allow you to solve the problem speedily. It also means that you do not need to find space in your own home to keep these replacement items.
  2. Do your tenants want to bring some of their own pieces of furniture or maybe their own fridge? You do not want to lose a good tenant over a few pieces of furniture, so in order to accommodate their request simply store the items of furniture or appliances that you normally supply to your tenants in your self storage unit.
  3. When you are looking for a new tenant, you want to show your property off looking at its best, especially if you want to attract tenants that are able to pay a premium rental. You will therefore need to impress any potential tenants by presenting your property as move-in ready. This will mean redecorating and making any repairs needed, as well as carrying out deep cleaning of the property. Make it easier for tradespeople to carry out their jobs by moving furniture out into storage. You don’t want them inadvertently damaging anything while they carry out their jobs, and it is much quicker to redecorate and carry out any maintenance on an empty property. A clean, well-decorated property will attract the caliber of tenants you are looking for, so it is worth putting in the extra effort to make it look perfect.
  4. Storing these items in a storage unit will ensure that they are safe and secure. Stop & Store Fareham offers superior security systems as well as strictly controlled access, so you can be assured that once your goods are in there, they will be safe.
  5. By choosing a reputable self storage facility you can rely on the fact that your goods will be kept in a clean, dry environment. Any moisture in your unit can cause mould and mildew on your stored items, both of which can ruin wooden furniture items. Rodents and insects such as termites or moths can cause great damage to your stored items as well, so it is worth checking up on the standards of cleanliness at the facility of your choice.
  6. When you choose to store your goods at Stop & Store Fareham you can be sure that no matter how much stuff you have, you will find a self storage unit to suit you. There are different-sized units so whether you need to store a few boxes, or an entire household of stuff, so you will get one to suit you.

Keep Self Storage Costs as Low as Possible

There are ways to keep your storage costs under control. Cost is always a consideration so when renting a self storage unit there are certain ways to keep those costs down.

  • Make sure that you rent the right-sized unit. You do not want to pay for extra space that you won’t be using if the unit is too big.
  • Decide that everything you put into your storage unit is something that you will use at some stage. It is no use storing items if you have no further purpose for them. Rather dispose of them which would allow you to rent a smaller unit at a lower cost.

Stop & Store Fareham

When you are faced with a shortage of space at home, consider hiring one of our self storage units.

  • The security of your goods is our top priority. We have 24-hour monitored CCTV, a fully fenced perimeter, with limited access.
  • We don’t tie you into long contracts so whether you need long-term or short-term storage, we can assist you.
  • Our storage units vary in size, so whether you need to store a few documents, or a household of furniture you are sure to find the right sized one to suit you.
  • Enquire about the specials that we have on offer on certain sized units at our facility.
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