The famous words “Location, location, location” which are often applied to the position of a home of value also applies to a self storage facility. Good self storage companies make it easy for the client who wants to rent a self storage unit. They know that carting goods into storage isn’t the most attractive of propositions. After all it is driven by the need to find space for the safe storage of excess goods, often in a hurry.

That’s why the self storage experience should be as simple and easy as possible. It all starts with the storage company and where it has located its storage facility. Also, when the client arrives at the storage units a lasting initial impression will be made if pleasant the service is pleasant and how well thought out the offloading and loading of goods is.

The growth of self storage units across the country has not happened by accident. By its very nature self storage has become well known for its affordability and the flexibility it offers. At Stop & Store Penrith our good reputation has only come about through hard work, devotion to customer service excellence and efforts to continually improve what we offer.

As price is one of the key factors in choosing self storage rentals, the Stop & Store prices are highly competitive. We take into account everyone’s affordability and ensure that the load fits the size unit they choose so that no money is wasted. We have special offers that are designed to make the load lighter on the pocket. But there is more to the self storage experience that that. Let’s find out.

Self Storage Flexibility: What Does it Mean to You?

When we say it is as easy as 1-2-3, what do we mean?

  1. Find Space in a Hurry

    The great thing about the popularity of self storage nowadays is that you as the customer have choices. In any particular town there will be more than one storage location to choose from. This means that there is a good chance that you can find storage in a hurry should you need it. Problem number one solved.

    But be warned: not all storage companies are the same. Some come with good reviews, so check their websites to see what other customers have to say. Second work out where the storage facility is situated in relation to where you are. Location as we said is very important. You could very well be wanting to make a few trips s to your stored goods during their storage period, so you would need easy access, meaning having long hours you can enter your unit and your storage unit in a place you can get to easily.

  2. Flexible Storage Sizes and Accessibility

    So, once you have done the research and shortlisted some storage facilities, what other criteria will you use to choose one of the shortlisted options?

    Storage unit size variations offer the customer choices. As in the case with Stop & Store’s storage facility in Penrith, this wide range of sizes are priced accordingly. The cost per square foot gets cheaper as the unit gets larger, so remember to maximize your economies of scale when looking for storage unit space.

    Ask the right questions when making your enquiry and find about the manner in which offloading, and loading is done. Does the storage facility have trollies or wheels to make movement of your goods easier? Can you bring your vehicle right up to the storage unit, and does entrance and exit provide sufficient maneuverability for a large truck in the case of a big load?
    The general helpfulness of the staff will also give you a good idea of the sort of people you are dealing with.

  3. Is the Booking and Access User Friendly and Secure?

    In a lot of instances space is needed quickly. It arises out of a surprisingly wide variety of different reasons. Some of these occur in emergency circumstances where there is a need to have goods in a secure place for a while. This is where self storage comes to the fore.

    As time is normally of the essence, you’d want the whole process of securing a unit, and getting access to be as seamless and quick as possible. This is where a top storage facility will make the procedure as easy as they can. In the case of Stop & Store Penrith we enable the process online. Ask about virtual viewing of your unit if you are doing this virtually and choose the appropriate self storage unit from the comfort of your lounge.

    The application is completed online, money paid and almost instantly you are allocated an access code. Nothing could be easier. Or quicker. Then you are up and running with your extra storage space.

    Security is the top consideration to enquire about. Ask about the security system and you’d expect a CCTV monitoring unit to be in place. As your possessions are the responsibility of the storage facility owners, you need the assurance that your goods are completely secure.

Consider Flexible Storage Renting at Stop & Store Penrith

We have seen that a self storage unit offers a lot of versatility when it comes to providing extra storage space. It can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Being situated on the A66 with easy access from Penrith, the self storage units can be easily reached when goods need to be stored. The flexibility our range of unit sizes we offer also gives you, the customer a variety of space/pricing options.

Once you have chosen the appropriate storage unit apply online and you can get access as soon as you have paid. Use the individual code we supply to access the unit you are renting. We make this process as simple and quick as we can.

Whether you are a domestic or business rental, the safety of your goods while in our care is our responsibility, and we monitor our storage facility using the best security systems we could find.

With our long trading hours, you can access the contents of your unit from 8am to 6pm, seven days a week.

Should you need assistance with renting a unit, please give us a call or drop us a line.

Feel free to phone us at 01768 800291 and you will be able to speak to our helpful staff for any advice you need. We look forward to hearing from you.