With the advent of self storage and its increase in popularity because of its amazing benefits, we have seen the increase in self storage facilities popping up all over the place. Even so, there appears to be a never-ending demand of self storage across the UK, with many reporting full capacities at peak times of the year. This seems to indicate that the market is far from saturated.

What it also indicates is that there must be a lot of people out there who have never used self storage before to secure their goods. In our case at Stop & Store Penrith we see new faces every week, as visitors to and residents of central Cumbria discover that self storage is ideal for their requirements.

While we get a lot of referrals and users believe that storing with us is an enjoyable experience, we thought it a good idea to talk about the benefits of self storage generally as you may be one of those who is considering a self storage rental sometime in the future.

Here is a useful guide if you are thinking about using self storage soon.

The benefits of self storage rentals

  • Affordability

    It is well recognized that self storage offers one of, if not, the most affordable storage around. This means that a self storage rental is within reach of most people’s pockets as there are very few other options of cheap storage nearby. Storage unit prices are usually available on the website of the storage facility and depending on the storage company, there may be incentives for long term rentals.

    It’s best to find out about this beforehand, as you could end up saving even more money for storage, depending on where you look.

  • Security

    Keeping things safe in storage nowadays is a big concern of homeowners and businesses. The fact is that unless items of value are behind lock and key and there is added security around the place of storage, they will never be safe.

    Self storage facilities are known for their attention to detail when it comes to security. With outer perimeter fencing that is well constructed and secured to controlled access, the premises are well protected from intruders who may want to enter the grounds. Then a quality storage facility will have additional methods to safeguard the self storage units themselves. The units may be inside a secure building and are sure to be monitored by surveillance cameras.

  • Proximity

    Most users prefer to have a self storage unit nearby as this saves them time and money. Taking this into account a good self storage facility will be position within reach of the community it hopes to serve, saving their customers a lot of additional travel time. Stop & Store Penrith, for example is located very conveniently on the A66 which is easily reached from all directions in the Penrith precinct.

  • Flexibility

    Ask about some of these features and benefits when making a booking at a self storage facility:

    Enquire what the opening and closing times are so that should you need anything inside your unit, it is convenient for you. Most self storage facilities have long opening hours, with security on top of mind, keeping access to key holders only.

    Also find out about how much notice needs to be given in the event of you wanting to vacate the self storage unit- remember that some of the flexible facilities don’t require you to state this upfront, and only ask for a certain notice period to find another occupant.

  • Size Options

    Paying the right price for the space needed is a big consideration when it comes to self storage. Once the size of the load is known, the dimensions of the space required can be calculated. This means that the self storage facility chosen should have some self storage unit rentals offered which are different sizes.

    There is sure to be some information on their website about this to give you a guideline, but if not, then call the self storage facility and ask them to help.

  • Accessibility

    Right, now imagine you have a big load to store in a unit and want to find out how easy it is going to be once you get there. Firstly, getting access is something to consider. Once you have made the first month’s payment you are likely to be given an access code. Offloading and storing will be made easier when it the unit itself is accessible and the job made easier for you.

    Ask the staff how it works so that you can tell your transporter who to contact and where to go when they get there with your load. When inside the unit, depending on who unpacks, issue instructions on how you want the load stored. Creating passageways and marking the boxes clearly always helps with accessibility inside the unit.

  • Privacy

    One of the nicest features and benefits of a self storage unit is the privacy that it offers. As users only go there occasionally, for a specific purpose, it’s nice and quiet and private. This means that whatever the unit is being used for – and there are so many uses – you can get on and do it knowing that there are unlikely to be any disruptions during your time there.

    Privacy also gives the user a lot of flexibility as the unit can be used as a private gym, for a group doing exercise, making arts and crafts or any other hobby activity that grabs your fancy!

With All These Benefits, Self Storage is the Number One Choice

Now that you know all about self storage and what it offers, think about the next time you worry about what to do with your possessions when you are moving, making space at home, looking for a short-term storage solution for your business or any other situation you find yourself in.

Stop & Store Penrith is well situated in Cumbria to provide the storage solution you are looking for. And the good news is that you can get access into a self storage rental at very short notice.

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